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Ngira uburibwe mu gihe cy'imihango y'ukwezi.
I have pain during my period.
Ndwaye mu gitsina.
I have a vaginal infection.
Ndi kunywa ibinini.
I am on the pill.
Sinagize imihanga y'ukwezi mu gihe cy'amezi...
I have not had my period for ... months
I am pregnant.
Mfite inda.
I have a pregnancy.
Ubyumvise hashize igihe kingana iki?
How long have you been feeling this way?
Ni ubwa mbere bikugendekeyo bityo?
Is this the first time you've had this?
Ndapima umuvudoko w'amaraso yawe.
I will take your blood pressure.
Ndapima ubushyuhe bw'umubiri.
I will take your temperature.
Urampima umubuduko w'amaraso?
Will you take my blood pressure?
Nyabuneka, kuramo umwambaro.
Please, undress down to your waist.
Open your mouth.
Humeka cyane.
Breath deeply.
Urababara he?
Where do you feel pain?
Ndagutera urushinge.
I will give you an injection.