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Choosing a Hotel

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Ndashaka guteganya.
I want to make a reservation.
Hoteli ya bugufi ni iyihe?
Where is the nearest hotel?
Is it expensive?
Amacumbi y'abashyitsi ahendutse ari he?
Where is a cheap guest house?
Ndashaka icyumba cy'umuntu umwe.
I want a single room.
Ndashaka icyumba cy'abantu babiri.
I want a double room.
Ndashaka icyumba cy'umuryango wanjye.
I want a room for my family.
Si igihendo cyane.
Not too expensive.
Ntigihenze cyane.
It will not be too expensive.
Ijoro rimwe ni angahe?
How much is it per night?
Hateganijwemo iki?
What is included?
Mu giciro harimo icyo gusamura?
Is breakfast included?