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Materials from the Earth

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Sedimentary rocks
formed by layers of sediment laid down in lakes or seas for millions of years. The layers get buried under more layers and the weight pressing down squeezes out the water
Limestone and Chalk
examples of sedimentary rocks that are easily eroded
Metamorphic rocks
formed by the action of heat and pressure on other rocks over long periods of time
example of a metamorphic rock formed from limestone or chalk
Igneous rocks
formed when molten magma pushes up into the crust before cooling and solidifying
Extrusive igneous rocks
cool quickly above ground forming small crystals, e.g. basalt and rhyolite
Intrusive igneous rocks
cool slowly underground forming big crystals, e.g. granite and gabbro
example of an igneous rock that is ideal for steps and buildings
Limestone uses
building materials: glass, concrete and cement. Also used in dyes, paints and medicines. Also for neutralizing acidic soil.
Limestone problems
makes ugly holes, makes a lot of noise and dust, destroys habitats and needs to be transported so causes pollution.
manly calcium carbonate, thermally decomposes to make calcium oxide and carbon dioxide
Thermal Decomposition
when one substance chemically changes into at least two new substances when it is heated
Calcium Oxide
reacts with water to produce calcium hydroxide
must be balanced and include state symbols