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Verb to think ფიქრი

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მე ვფიქრობ
I think
შენ ფიქრობ
you think
ის ფიქრობს
he thinks
ჩვენ ვფიქრობთ
we think
თქვენ ფიქრობთ
you (pl) think
ისინი ფიქრობენ
they think
მე ვფიქრობდი
I was thinking/used to
შენ ფიქრობდი
you were thinking/used to
ის ფიქრობდა
he was thinking/used to
ჩვენ ვფიქრობდით
we were thinking/used to
თქვენ ფიქრობდით
you were thinking/used to
ისინი ფიქრობდნენ
they were thinking/used to