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Roma est urbs magna et antiqua.
Rome is a great and ancient city.
Parvi pueri mala acida edunt.
The little boys eat sour apples.
Malum non est malum.
The apple is not bad.
Lucia benigna theam calidam agricolae frigido dat.
Kind Lucia gives hot tea to the cold farmer.
Homo miser mulierem pulchram in magnā silvā videt.
The poor man(h) sees a beautiful woman(m) in the big forest(sing.).
Oppidum antiquum est pulchrum.
The old town is beautiful.
Amicus meus sororem tuam amat.
My friend loves your sister.
Anas nostra felem vestram non amat.
Our duck does not like your (pl.) cat(f).
Liberi virorum liberorum longos libros legunt.
The children of the free men(v) read long books.
Est leo novus in vivario.
There is a new lion at the zoo.
Est leo in vivario novo.
There is a lion at the new zoo.
Multum lac non habeo.
I do not have much/ a lot of milk.
Gaius non est vegetarianus, sed non multam carnem edit.
Gaius is not a vegetarian, but he does not eat much meat.
Marcus multos nepotes habet.
Marcus has many grandchildren.
Alti fratres jus salsum et calidum in culinā nostrā edunt.
The tall brothers eat the salty and hot soup in our kitchen.
Medicus benignus pro bono laborat.
The kind doctor works for free/ for the good of humanity.
Arca est gravis.
The box is heavy.
Marcus est brevis, sed Gaius est altus.
Marcus is short, but Gaius is tall.
Aranea est felix, sed musca est tristis.
The spider is happy, but the fly is sad.
Proelium est longum et difficile.
The battle is long and difficult.
Via est longa et difficilis.
The road is long and difficult.
Lucia in viā longā et difficili ambulat.
Lucia walks on the long and difficult road.
In gravi periculo sumus!
We are in serious danger!
Senex multos nepotes juvenes habet.
The old man(s) has many young grandchildren.
Uxores nautarum felicium mulieres fortes sunt.
The wives of the happy(f) sailors are strong women(m).
Omnia amo.
I like/ love everything.
Omnes amo.
I like/ love everyone.
Omnia sunt bona.
Everything is good (lit. All things are good).
Omnes in horto laborant.
Everyone is working in the garden (lit. All people are working in the garden).
Pueri juvenes tristes sunt quod dulciola non sunt dulcia.
The young boys are sad because the candies are not sweet.
Mater librum felicem pueris tristibus legit.
Mother reads a happy book to the sad boys.
Virtus militum fortium est magna.
The courage of the brave soldiers is great.
Filius est similis patris.
The son is like the father.
Filii similes patrum sunt.
Sons are like fathers.
Amici mei similes familiae sunt.
My friends are like a family.
Paula librum tristem legit.
Paula reads a sad book.
Discipuli libros de omnibus legunt.
The students read books about everything.
Schola non est facilis.
School(s) is not easy.
Senes et juvenes librum bonum amant.
Old and young people love a good book.
Soror mea ovem juvenem in difficilibus montibus videt.
My sister sees a young sheep in the difficult mountains.
Post mortem tristem matris meae, pater meus uxorem novam habet.
After the sad death of my mother, my father has a new wife.
Amor omnia vincit.
Love conquers all.
Fortes fortuna juvat.
Fortune favors the brave(pl).