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Magistra in tabulā atrā scribit.
The teacher(fem.) writes on the blackboard.
capillus niger
black hair (sing.)
femina capillis nigris
a woman with black hair (ablative case used for description)
Equi nigri in agris viridibus currunt.
The black(n) horses run in the green fields.
In atrā nocte multos colores non videmus.
We do not see many colors in the black night.
Suntne aves candidae aut nigrae?
Are the birds white(c) or black(n)?
Ovis est alba, non atra.
The sheep(fem.) is white(a), not black(a).
Nix est candida.
The snow is dazzling white.
Puella malum rubrum edit.
The girl eats the red apple.
Avis est rubra.
The bird is red.
album ovi
the white of an egg
album oculi
the white of the eye
Aqua est caerulea, caelum est caeruleum.
The water is blue, the sky is blue.
Canis Luciae est fuscus.
Lucia’s dog is brown.
Barbarus est rufus, senator est canus, puella est flava.
The barbarian is ruddy/red-haired, the senator is gray-haired, the girl is blonde.
In villā flavā habito.
I live in a yellow(f) farmhouse(v).
luteum ovi
the yolk of an egg
Papilio purpureus pulcher est.
The purple butterfly is pretty.
Uva est purpurea, vinum est purpureum.
The grape is purple, the wine is purple.
Primā luce caelum est roseum.
At dawn (first light) the sky is pink.
Hortus viridis manet.
The garden remains green.
Virent ova! Viret perna!!
Green Eggs and Ham (book title)