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Toga de lanā facta est.
A toga is made of wool.
Primā luce tunicam caeruleam induo.
At dawn I put on a blue tunic.
Puer togam praetextam gerit.
The boy wears a toga praetexta.
Toga virilis est vestimentum viris.
The toga virilis is a garment for men(v)(dat.).
Marcus togam albam induit, est togatus.
Marcus puts on a white(a) toga, he is toga-wearing (toga-ed).
Marcus officium consulis cupit, togam candidam induit.
Marcus desires(c) the office of consul, he puts on the toga candida.
Et feminae et viri tunicas gerunt.
Both women and men(v) wear tunics.
Homo in viā pallium gerit.
The man(h) on the road wears a cloak.
Tunica est lintea aut lanea.
A tunic is (made of) linen or wool.
Milites hodie togas non gerunt.
Soldiers do not wear togas today.
Miles sagum gerit.
The soldier wears a short cloak.
Calceos induimus.
We put on shoes.
Dux paludamentum induit.
The general puts on the (military)cloak.
Stola est vestis feminae maritae.
A stola is the garment(clothing) of a married woman.
Mulier quae togam gerit non est honesta.
The woman(m) who wears a toga is not respectable.
Romani bracas non gerunt, bracae sunt barbaris.
Romans do not wear trousers, trousers are for barbarians(dat.).
Calcei scortei sunt.
Shoes are made of leather(adj.).
Gaius est Romanus, vestimenta sua sunt tunica, toga, et calcei.
Gaius is a Roman, his garments are tunic, toga, and shoes.
Lucia est Romana, vestimenta sua sunt tunica, stola, palla, et soleae.
Lucia is a Roman, her garments are tunic, stola (dress), palla (shawl), and sandals.
Romani soleas domi gerunt.
At home(locative), Romans wear sandals.
Bracae meae sinum non habent.
My pants do not have a pocket.
Marcus bracas (linteas) caeruleas gerit.
Marcus wears blue jeans(pants).
Lucia gunnam viridem gerit.
Lucia wears a green skirt.
Puer tuniculam flavam et brevissimas bracas rubras gerit.
The boy wears a yellow(f) t-shirt and red shorts.
Mulier tunicam albam et gunnam atram gerit.
The woman(m) wears a white(a) shirt/tunica and black(a) skirt.
Tibialia et calceos induis.
You put on socks and shoes.
Calceos fuscos et cingulum nigrum habeo.
I have brown shoes and a black(n) belt.
Tibialia viridia de lanā facio.
I am making green socks from wool.
Paula stolam roseam gerit.
Paula wears a pink dress.
Gaius habitum atrum habet.
Gaius has a black(a) suit.
Milites vestes uniformes gerunt.
Soldiers wear uniforms (uniform garments/clothing).
Tunica manicata est fusca.
The jacket is brown.
Pecuniam meam in sacculo porto.
I carry my money in the purse/bag.
Petasum non gero.
I do not wear a hat.
Semper gere subligacula.
Always wear underwear(pl.).