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4th Declension Nouns

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Navis est in portu.
The ship is in the harbor.
Naves in portum veniunt.
The ships come into the harbor.
Marcus laborem in manibus habet.
Marcus has the work(l) in his hands/ Marcus is taking care of it.
Quinque sensus sunt visus, auditus, tactus, gustus, et odoratus.
The five senses are sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.
Sum tecum in spiritu.
I am with you in spirit.
Est mortuus, non est spiritus in corpore ejus.
He is dead, there is not breath in his body.
Domus mea in urbe est.
My house(home) is in the city.
Oppidum tuum multas domus habet.
Your town has many houses(homes).
Lucia domi non est.
Lucia is not at home(locative).
Lucia domo abest.
Lucia is away from home.
Pater domum venit.
Dad comes home.
Tunica manu facta est.
The tunic was made by hand.
Manus meae sunt rubrae.
My hands are red.
Milites impetum faciunt.
The soldiers make an attack.
Idus Martiae
The Ides of March, March 15
Mors Caesaris Idibus Martiis erat.
The death of Caesar was on the Ides of March.
Gaius in senatu est.
Gaius is in the senate.
Reditum Marci exspecto.
I am waiting for the return of Marcus.
Adventum Paulae exspectamus.
We are waiting for Paula’s arrival.
Habesne reditum domui?
Do you have the rent for the house(d., dat.)?
Multi milites in exercitu sunt.
Many soldiers are in the army.
Exercitus in Galliam venit.
The army comes into Gaul.
Senatus populusque Romanus (SPQR)
The Senate and People of Rome. (Official title of the Roman government).
Fructu non foliis arborem aestima.
Judge a tree by its fruit, not its leaves.
Multorum manibus magnum levatur onus.
By the hands of many a great load is lifted/ Many hands make light work.