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5th Declension Nouns

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Lucia bonum diem non habet.
Lucia is not having a good day.
ante meridiem (a.m.)
before noon
post meridiem (p.m.)
after noon
De Rerum Naturā
On the Nature of Things
Ex re et ex tempore.
According to the time and circumstance.
Res adversae
unfavorable circumstances, adversity
Res secundae
favorable circumstances, prosperity
Res novae
revolution, political change (lit. “new things”)
In rebus adversis amici nostri nobiscum stant.
In adversity our friends stand with us.
Res publica
the republic, public affairs, government, the state
Nihil ad rem.
Nothing to do with the subject, not to the point.
Argumentum ad rem.
An argument addressing the subject, to the point
Non est spes victoriae.
There is not (no) hope of victory.
Nautae spem habent.
The sailors have hope.
Primā facie
At first appearance/ preliminary indication.
Sine die
without a day
Carpe diem.
Seize the day.
Eo die veniunt.
They are coming on that day.
Milites multos dies ambulant.
The soldiers walk (for) many days.
Bonā fide
in good faith
Magnam fidem demonstrant.
They show great faith.
Avus meus magnam aciem mentis habet.
My grandfather has great sharpness of mind.
Barbari impetum in aciem Romanam faciunt.
The barbarians make an attack on the Roman battle line.