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Quaestionem rogas.
You ask(r) a question(q).
Rogasne interrogationem?
Are you asking(r) a question(i)?
(Ego) quaero, (tu) respondes.
I ask(q), you answer.
Quaerunt, respondemus.
They ask(q), we answer.
Cur quaeris?
Why do you ask(q)?
Me rogant.
They ask(r) me.
Responsum quaero.
I am seeking(q) an answer.
Responsum non habemus.
We do not have an answer.
Habesne mihi responsa?
Do you have answers for me(dat.)?
Quid legis?
What are you reading?
Quid Marcus edit?
What is Marcus eating?
Venitne Lucia?
Is Lucia coming?
Num Gaius venit?
Gaius is not coming, is he?
Nonne filii Paulae veniunt?
Paula’s sons are coming, aren’t they?
Nonne puer est fortis?
Isn't the boy brave?
Quando venis?
When are you coming?
Quis sum (ego)?
Who am I?
Quem vides?
Whom do you see?
Quid agunt?
What are they doing(a)?
Ubi est vivarium?
Where is the zoo?
Quot animalia in vivario sunt?
How many animals are in the zoo?
Quanta est domus tua?
How big is your house(home)?
Quantam aquam bibis?
How much water do you drink?
Quanti sunt elephanti?
How big are the elephants?
Quanti sunt elephanti!
How big the elephants are!
Quos elephantos vident?
Which elephants do they see?
Quot elephantos videtis?
How many elephants do you(pl.) see?
Cur (tu) ientaculum non edis?
Why do you not eat breakfast?
Quid nunc?
What now? What more is there? What is new?
Quid est?
What is it? What’s the matter?
Quid est homo?
What is man(h)?(in the philosophical sense)
Quis est homo?
Who is the man(h)?
Qui homo est?
Which man(h) is he?
Quae femina est?
Which woman is she?
Quod diarium est tuum?
Which newspaper is yours?
Qui canis est tuus?
Which dog is yours?
Quae est tua domus?
Which one is your house(home)?
Cui bono?
Who benefits? (lit. For whom is the good?)
Quibus rosas das?
To whom/ to which people are you giving roses?
Quocum laboras?
With whom are you working?
Cujus liber est?
Whose book is it?
Amasne meam stolam?
Do you like (a) my dress?
Quam stolam amas?
Which dress do you like?
Quomodo pugnat?
In what manner does he fight?
Quomodo id faciunt?
How do they do it?
Quomodo scis?
How do you know?
Quis, quid, quando, ubi, quomodo, cur?
Who, what, when, where, how, why?
Cave quid dicis, quando, et cui.
Be careful what you say, when, and to whom.