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Domus Romana impluvium habet.
The Roman house(d) has an impluvium.
Villa est magna domus, casa est parva domus.
A farmhouse is a big house(d), a cottage is a small house(d).
Multae familiae Romanae in insulis habitant.
Many Roman families live in apartment buildings.
Quot cubicula domus tua habet?
How many bedrooms does your house(d) have?
Quot cellas domus tua habet?
How many rooms(cel) does your house(d) have?
Cubiculum meum muros albos habet.
My bedroom has white(a) walls.
Est tapeta in solo.
There is a carpet on the floor.
Tapetae sunt caeruleae.
The carpets are blue.
Liberi in tapetā sedent.
The children sit on the carpet(abl.).
Solum sine tapetā est frigidum.
The floor without a carpet is cold.
Sunt aves in tecto.
There are birds on the roof.
Est aranea in tecto.
There is a spider on the ceiling.
In culinā ientaculum, sed in triclinio cenam edimus.
We eat breakfast in the kitchen, but dinner in the dining room.
Ostium aperio.
I open the door.
Fenestras aperis.
You open the windows.
Sunt tabernae avunculi mei.
They are my uncle’s(a) shops.
Atrium est magnum et pulchrum.
The living room is large and beautiful.
Camera tectum altum habet.
The room(cam) has a high ceiling.
Marcus in tablino laborat.
Marcus works in the study.
Est corpus in bibliothecā!
There is a body in the library!
Bibliotheca multos libros habet.
The library has many books.
Ubi est balneum?
Where is the bathroom?
In balneo est.
He/she is in the bathroom.
Lucia vinum in cellā tenet.
Lucia keeps wine in the storeroom.
Habesne scalas?
Do you have stairs?
Ubi sunt scalae?
Where are the stairs?
Cocleare est in patellā.
The spoon is on the plate.
Culter est cum pane.
The knife is with the bread.
Furca est in mensā.
The fork is on the table.
Cultros, furcas et coclearia in mensam ponis.
You put the knives, forks and spoons on the table.
Cultrum, furcam et cocleare habeo.
I have a knife, a fork and a spoon.
Quot focos tua domus habet?
How many fireplaces does your house(d) have?
Focus est in culinā.
The stove is in the kitchen.
Panis in furno est.
The bread is in the oven.
Lectus in cubiculo est.
The bed is in the bedroom.
Marcus in lecto est.
Marcus is in bed/ Marcus is on the couch.
Clavis est parva.
The key is small.
Lumen in mensā est.
The lamp is on the table.
Feles in lumine solis dormit.
The cat(f) sleeps in the light(lum) of the sun.
Domus nostra non multam supellectilem habet.
Our house(d) does not have much furniture.
Sellae circum mensam stant.
The chairs(sel) are (stand) around the table.
Multas sellas in atrio habemus.
We have many chairs(sel) in the atrium.
Avia in cathedra caerulea sedet.
Grandmother sits in the blue armchair.
Habesne sedem?
Do you have a chair(sed)?
Lucia clavem habet.
Lucia has the key.
Avunculus meus scrinium in tablino habet.
My uncle(a) has a desk in the study.
Epistula in scrinio est.
The letter is on the desk.
Lumen in scrinium pono.
I set the lamp onto the desk.
Claves in scrinio sunt.
The keys are on the desk.
curta supellex
scanty furniture, not much “upstairs” (insulting)
Sapo in solum cadit.
The soap falls onto the floor.
Saponem non habeo.
I do not have soap.
Habesne mantelia?
Do you have towels?
Mantele rubrum habet.
He/she has a red towel.
Marcus novaculam in manu tenet.
Marcus is holding a razor in his hand.
Balneum pensile est parvum.
The shower is small.
Lucia in balneo pensili cantat.
Lucia sings in the shower.
Ubi dentifricium tenes?
Where do you keep the toothpaste?
Dentifricium ad labellum est.
The toothpaste is by/near the sink.
Paula capitilavium in balneo invenit.
Paula finds shampoo in the bathroom.
Sunt duo labella in culinā.
There are two sinks in the kitchen.
Mater linteum in lectum ponit.
Mother puts the sheet on the bed.
Non multa lintea habemus.
We do not have many sheets.
Ubi est cervical meum?
Where is my pillow?
Omnia cervicalia in lecto sunt.
All the pillows are on the bed.
Lodix est caerulea.
The blanket is blue.
Sunt lodices in arcā.
There are blankets in the chest.
Domus tua magnum maenianum habet.
Your house(d) has a large balcony.
Avus in maeniano sedet.
Grandfather is sitting on the balcony.
Frigidarium aperis.
You open the refrigerator.
Fructum in frigidarium ponunt.
They put the fruit in/into the refrigerator.
In frigidario meo non est lac.
There is not milk in my refrigerator.
Audisne telephonum?
Do you hear the telephone?
Gaius per telephonum vocat.
Gaius is calling on/by (through) the phone.
Televisorium non habemus.
We do not have a television set.
Frater meus televisionem non amat.
My brother does not like(a) television.