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Salvete, magistrae magistrique!
Greetings(s), ladies and gentlemen! (-que)
Valete, pueri puellaeque!
Goodbye, boys and girls! (-que)
Ave atque vale!
Hail and(a) farewell!
Gaius flet atque clamat.
Gaius weeps and(a) shouts.
Eam propter fidem atque virtutem (ejus) laudant.
They praise her because of her loyalty and(a) courage.
Et cafeam et theam bibo.
I drink both coffee and tea.
Marcus et currit et ambulat.
Marcus both runs and walks.
Ita aut non?
Yes or no?
Nunc aut numquam.
Now or never.
Laboramus vel dormimus.
We work or(v) we sleep.
Panem vel oryzam edunt?
Are they eating bread or(v) rice?
Aut mors aut victoria.
Either death or victory.
Lego, sed scribis.
I read, but you write.
Ea coquit, at is edit.
She cooks, but(a) he eats.
At Paula eis dicit, “Non est culpa mea!”
But(a) Paula says to them, “It is not my fault!”
Sunt multi liberi in familiā, neque multam pecuniam habent.
There are many children in the family, and(n) they do not have much money. (nor do they have much money)
Nec sine causā.
And not without reason.
Neque tempus neque pecuniam habeo.
I have neither time nor money.
Lucia neque cervisiam neque vinum bibit.
Lucia drinks neither beer nor wine.
Non cervisiam, sed vinum bibo.
I do not drink beer, but wine.
Si tibi placet
If it is pleasing to you, if you like, please
Si vobis placet
please (to multiple persons)
Si chocolatum habeo, edo.
If I have chocolate, I eat (it).
Dum spiro, spero.
While I breathe, I hope.
Dum feles abest, mures ludunt.
While the cat is away, the mice play.
Mater misera est quod pueri in culinā clamant.
Mother is miserable because the boys are shouting in the kitchen.
Tibi gratias ago quod mihi panem das.
I thank you because you give me bread.
Ubi est Gaius? Eum enim non video.
Where is Gaius? For I do not see him.
Quid tibi est? Nihil enim.
What’s the matter? (idiomatic, lit. what is it to you?) Nothing, really(e).
Liber de mensā cadit, itaque eum non videtis.
The book falls down from the table, and so/therefore(i) you(pl.) do not see it.
Tamen (is) non est senex, sed juvenis.
Nevertheless(t) he is not old, but young.
Sacculus meus domi est, tamen pecuniam habeo.
My purse is at home(locative), yet(t) I have money.
Milites autem hostes non vident.
The soldiers, however(a), do not see the enemy(pl.).
Cultrum in scrinio non habeo, est autem culter in culinā.
I do not have a knife on the desk, however(a), there is a knife in the kitchen.
Etiam capillus unus habet umbram.
Even one hair has a shadow. (P. Syrus)
Aut viam inveniam, aut faciam.
I will either find a way, or make one. (Hannibal)