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Feles sub arbore dormit.
The cat(f) sleeps under the tree.
Feles sub arborem currit.
The cat(f) runs under the tree.
Canis trans viam currit.
The dog runs across the road.
Canis per agrum ambulat.
The dog walks through the field.
De libro per diarium auditis.
You(pl.) hear about the book through the newspaper.
Casam ad flumen habemus.
We have a cottage near/at the river.
Marcus ad magistrum ambulat.
Marcus walks to/toward the teacher.
Marcus a magistro ambulat.
Marcus walks away from the teacher.
Marcus ab hominibus ambulat.
Marcus walks away from the men(h).
Vir ex aquā venit.
A man(v) comes out of the water.
Navis e portu navigat.
The ship sails out of the harbor.
Ex silvis veniunt.
They come out of the forest(pl.).
Puer de fenestrā cadit.
The boy falls down from the window.
Gaius cum Marco ambulat.
Gaius walks with Marcus.
Gaius cum Marco pugnat.
Gaius fights with Marcus.
Gaius gladio pugnat.
Gaius fights with a sword.
Gaius et Marcus propter feminam pugnant.
Gaius and Marcus are fighting because of a woman.
Gaius contra hostem pugnat.
Gaius fights against the enemy.
Gaius et Marcus impetum in hostes faciunt.
Gaius and Marcus make an attack against/on the enemy(pl.).
Marcus pro rege pugnat.
Marcus fights on behalf of the king.
Lucia in aquā stat.
Lucia stands in the water.
Paula in aquam cadit.
Paula falls into the water.
Paula aquam de flumine portat.
Paula carries water from(de/a/e) the river.
Navis circum mundum navigat.
The ship sails around the world.
Puellae circum mensam currunt.
The girls run around the table.
Romani super vias antiquas stant.
The Romans stand upon the ancient ways/ do things the old-fashioned way.
Aqua est super caput meum.
The water is over my head.
ante meridiem (a.m.)
before noon
post meridiem (p.m.)
after noon
Cur ante ostium stas?
Why are you standing in front of the door(o)?
Post hoc, ergo propter hoc.
After this, therefore because of this.
Ante victoriam ne canas triumphum.
You should not sing your triumph song before the victory. (Latin proverb)