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Unus puer, duo viri, tres puellae.
One boy, two men(v), three girls.
Una femina, duae puellae.
One woman, two girls.
Unum diarium, duo diaria, tria diaria.
One newspaper, two newspapers, three newspapers.
Marcus unum filium et duas filias habet.
Marcus has one son and two daughters.
Domus unius viri.
The house(d) of one man(v).
Mater duorum filiorum et duarum filiarum.
The mother of two sons and two daughters.
Paula pecuniam uni puellae et duobus pueris dat.
Paula gives money to one girl and two boys.
Paula pecuniam tribus liberis dat.
Paula gives money to three children.
Est domus trium amicorum.
It is the house(d) of three friends.
Tres altas naves videt.
He sees three tall ships.
Cum tribus agricolis et uno milite ambulo.
I am walking with three farmers and one soldier.
Quattuor et quinque sunt novem.
Four plus five is nine/ four and five are nine.
Undeviginti minus sex sunt tredecim.
Nineteen minus six is thirteen./ 19 – 6 = 13
Sunt duodecim menses in uno anno.
There are twelve months in one year.
Quot sunt decem multiplicatum per duo? Viginti.
How many are (how much is) ten multiplied by two? Twenty.
Decem multiplicatum per decem sunt centum.
10 x 10 = 100
Quot annos natus es?
How old are you/ how many years since you were born?
Quot annos habes?
How old are you/ How many years do you have?
Gaius sedecim annos natus est.
Gaius is sixteen years old.
Duodeviginti annos nata sum.
I am eighteen years old.
Centum anni sunt unum saeculum.
One hundred years are one century (of time).
per mille annos.
for a thousand years.
Centum milites in unā centuriā sunt.
A hundred soldiers are in one century (military unit).
Mille milites video.
I see a thousand soldiers.
Quattuor milia militum video.
I see four thousand soldiers.
Gaius mille passus ambulat.
Gaius walks a mile (a thousand paces).
Lucia decem milia passuum ambulat.
Lucia walks ten miles.