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Hic est pater meus.
This is my father.
Hic vir hic laborat.
This man(v) works here.
Haec est mater mea.
This is my mother.
Haec quaestio difficilis est.
This question(q) is difficult.
Haec puella hic habitat.
This girl lives here.
Hoc est malum rubrum.
This is a red apple.
Hoc lac hic manet.
This milk stays here.
Hoc emo.
I am buying this.
Ille non laborat.
That man (he) is not working.
Ille puer flet, sed hic ridet.
That boy is crying, but this one is laughing.
Illa puella currit.
That girl is running.
Illa currit.
She(that) is running.
Illud flumen est longum.
That river is long.
Placetne tibi illud?
Do you like that one (lit. Does that one please you?)
Illud caeruleum volo.
I want that blue one.
Hi calcei novi sunt.
These shoes are new.
Cur hi non laborant?
Why are these (men) not working?
Hae puellae sunt sorores nostrae.
These girls are our sisters.
Haec tua sunt.
These (things) are yours.
Haec mantelia Paulae sunt.
These towels are Paula’s.
Haec volumus.
We want these ones.
Illi fortiter pugnant.
They/those (men) fight bravely.
Illae aves pulchrae sunt.
Those birds are beautiful.
Illa bona sunt.
Those (things) are good.
Illum video.
I see that (man)/ him.
Lucia illos libros non legit.
Lucia does not read those books.
Lucia illos videt.
Lucia sees them (those men/those masculine things).
Emisne hanc stolam?
Are you buying this dress?
Venditisne has stolas?
Are you (pl.) selling these dresses?
Illam puellam amo.
I love that girl.
Marcus illas feminas cognovit.
Marcus knows(c) those women.
Hoc verbum non intellego.
I do not understand this word.
Illud diarium legunt.
They read that newspaper.
Haec verba lego.
I read these words.
Illa verba nescio.
I do not know those words.
post hoc, ergo propter hoc
after this, therefore because of this
Winnie Ille Pu
Winnie the Pooh
Hobbitus Ille
The Hobbit
Tunica huius puellae est rosa.
This girl’s shirt(tunica) is pink.
Quid est nomen illius viri?
What is the name of that man(v)?
Habetne Marcus satis huius vini?
Does Marcus have enough of this wine?
Nonne ea est mater illius pueri?
Isn’t she the mother of that boy?
Pater harum puellarum sum.
I am the father of these girls.
Mater horum liberorum est.
She is the mother of these children.
Magistra illorum discipulorum multum laborat.
The teacher(fem.) of those students works a lot.
Domus illarum feminarum magnae sunt.
The houses(d) of those women are large.
Marcus huic puellae crustulum dat.
Marcus gives this girl a cookie.
Gaius illi puero duo crustula dat.
Gaius gives that boy two cookies.
Murus altus huic oppido est.
This town has(dat.) a high wall. (lit. A high wall is for this town.)
Tria cubicula illi domui sunt.
That house(d) has(dat.) three bedrooms. (lit. There are three bedrooms for that house).
Imperator his militibus pecuniam dat.
The general(i) gives money to these soldiers.
Tu omnibus illis places.
All those (people) like you. (lit. You are pleasing to all those people).
Magister his discipulis placet.
These students like(p.) the teacher.
Illis pecuniam do.
I give money to those people/ them.
De hac re cogito.
I am thinking about this thing (matter/subject).
Lucia ab hoc urso currit.
Lucia runs away from this bear.
Paula ab illo serpente currit.
Paula runs away from that snake.
In hoc oppido sunt multi homines.
There are many people in this town.
Marcus in illā urbe habitat.
Marcus lives in that city.
Cum his militibus pugnant.
They are fighting with these soldiers.
Avus meus cum illis canibus ludit.
My grandfather is playing with those dogs.
Rex de his rebus consilium capit.
The king takes counsel (makes a plan) about these matters.
Lucia pro illis liberis agit.
Lucia acts on behalf of those children.
(in) illo tempore
at that(i) time
hoc die
on this day, today
pro hac vice
for this occasion only (in legal Latin)
In hoc signo vinces.
In this sign you will conquer (from Constantine’s vision of the cross)
ad hoc
to this, addressing a specific issue or problem