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Gaius agricola est.
Gaius is a farmer.
Parentes mei agricolae sunt.
My parents are farmers.
Consobrinus meus architectus est.
My cousin(c) is an architect.
Custos domum spectat.
The guard watches the house(d).
Custodes urbem servant.
The guards protect the city.
Nuntius litteras ad regem portat.
The messenger carries a letter(l, plur.) to the king.
Nuntius pro diario scribit.
The reporter writes for the newspaper.
Nuntium Paulae mitto.
I send a message to Paula.
Nuntii ex oppido non sunt boni.
The news from(e) the town is not good.
Marcus poeta est.
Marcus is a poet.
Puellae poetam amant.
The girls love the poet.
Paula est auctor huius libri.
Paula is the author of this book.
Paula et Gaius scriptores sunt.
Paula and Gaius are writers.
Lucia medica est.
Lucia is a doctor.
Marcus medicus est.
Marcus is a doctor.
Medicum voco.
I am calling the doctor.
Ingeniarius in hoc loco laborat.
The engineer works in this place.
Ingeniarii pontem faciunt.
The engineers build(f) a bridge.
Ingeniarius nobiscum laborat.
The engineer works with us.
Piscator in ponte stat.
The fisherman stands on the bridge.
Piscatores in nave sunt.
The fishermen are in the boat.
Pirata arcam gemmarum habet.
The pirate has a chest of jewels.
Navis piratarum est!
It’s a pirate ship!
Mater coqua bona est.
Mother is a good cook.
Coquus in cauponā est.
He is a cook in a restaurant.
Advocatus et judex libros legunt.
The lawyer and the judge read the books.
Advocati mali legem nesciunt.
The bad lawyers do not know the law.
Advocatum meum voco.
I am calling my lawyer.
Judex esurit.
The judge is hungry(verb).
Judices et advocati in illā cauponā edunt.
The judges and lawyers eat in that restaurant.
Gaius opus bonum habet.
Gaius has a good job.
Hic liber magnum opus est.
This book is a great work.
Pecunia mihi opus est.
I need money. (o+dat.)
Amici omnibus opus sunt.
Everyone needs friends. (o+dat.)
Opus facit.
He is working(o).
Lucia in tabernā opus facit.
Lucia works(o) in a shop.
Lucia tabernaria est.
Lucia is a shopkeeper.
Multi tabernarii in Romā sunt.
There are many shopkeepers in Rome.
Lucia et Marcus mercatores sunt.
Lucia and Marcus are merchants.
Mercatores in hoc oppidum non saepe veniunt.
Merchants do not often come to this town.
Frater meus tonsor est.
My brother is a barber.
Gaius in sellā tonsoris sedet.
Gaius is sitting in the barber’s chair(sel).
Faber est.
He is a builder. (smith, worker, craftsman)
Fabri opus celeriter faciunt.
The craftsmen work(o) quickly.
Negotium primum, tum otium.
Business first, then pleasure.
Negotiosus est.
He is busy.
Otium sine litteris mors est.
Leisure without literature is death./ What’s vacation without something to read? (Seneca)
Architectus aedificium facit.
The architect makes a building.
Principes illius oppidi Romanos non amant.
The chiefs of that town do not like(a) the Romans.
Paula princeps magnae societatis est.
Paula is the executive of a large organization.
Vigil publicus est.
He is a policeman.
Vigiles publici caeruleum gerunt.
The police officers wear blue.
Vigiles publicos voco!
I am calling the police!
Lucia ministra in hac cauponā est.
Lucia is a waitress in this restaurant.
Marcus minister etiam est.
Marcus is also(eti..) a waiter.
Officium nostrum in illo aedificio est.
Our office is in that building.
Gaius officium suum facit.
Gaius does his duty.
Procurator in officio non est.
The boss is not in the office/ on duty.
Amanuensis est.
He/she is a secretary.
Quattuor amanuenses in hoc officio laborant.
Four secretaries work in this office.
Doctor sum, sed non medicus.
I am a doctor, but not a medical doctor.
Scientificus et magister est.
He is a scientist and a teacher.
Scientifici multos libros legunt.
The scientists read many books.
membrum ex officio
a member by virtue of one’s office
medicinae doctor
doctor of medicine
philosophiae doctor
doctor of philosophy
juris doctor
doctor of law