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Raedam habeo.
I have a car.
Raedam tuam vendis.
You sell your car.
Raeda patris caerulea est.
Dad’s car is blue.
Birota rubra est.
The bicycle is red.
Omnes liberi birotas habent.
All the children have bicycles.
Gaius computatrum emit.
Gaius buys a computer.
Quinque computatra habemus.
We have five computers.
Ubi est involucrum?
Where is the envelope?
Epistula in involucro est.
The letter is in the envelope.
Pittacium in involucrum ponit.
He puts a stamp on the envelope.
Pittacia emo.
I buy stamps.
Marcus ocularia gerit.
Marcus wears glasses.
Lucia sine ocularibus bene videt.
Lucia sees well without glasses.
Ocularibus egent.
They need (eye)glasses.
Poculum aquae volo.
I want a glass/cup of water.
Septem pocula lactis
Seven glasses/cups of milk
Calix vini.
A glass(c) of wine.
Calicem vini vult.
He wants a glass(c) of wine.
Quid est objectus ille in viā?
What is that object in the road?
Birota est donum meum.
The bicycle is my gift.
Ventilatrum in fenestrā est.
There is a fan in the window.
parva pars panis
a small piece of bread
Paula parvam partem panis edit.
Paula eats a small piece of bread.
Tres partes carnis sunt.
There are three pieces of meat.
Charta alba est.
Paper is white(a).
Habesne chartam?
Do you have paper?
Cista chartae in mensā est.
The box(c) of paper is on the table.
Lucia cistam pirorum emit.
Lucia buys a box(c) of pears.
Est catillus fabarum.
It is a dish(c) of beans.
Fabae in catillo sunt.
The beans are in the dish(c).
Gaius catillos lavat.
Gaius washes the dishes(c).
Holera lavamus ante edimus.
We wash the vegetables before we eat.
Catillos chartaceos habemus.
We have paper plates.
Haec raeda est vehiculum meum.
This car is my vehicle.
Raeda tua rotas atras habet.
Your car has black(a) wheels.
Multa vehicula in viis hodie sunt.
Many vehicles are on the roads today.
Nostra familia tribus vehiculis eget.
Our family needs three vehicles.
Autobirota tua nova est.
Your motorcycle is new.
Illa fabrica autobirotas facit.
That factory makes motorcycles.
Paula in fabricā laborat.
Paula works in a factory.
Claviatura computatri ejus est.
It is the keyboard of his computer.
Violina est matris meae.
It is my mother’s violin.
Marcus violinā canit.
Marcus plays the violin.
Citharā cano.
I play the guitar.
Clavichordium nostrum grave est.
Our piano is heavy.
Discipuli clavichordio canunt.
The students play the piano.
Arma virumque cano...
I sing of arms and a man...