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Cantare mihi placet.
I like to sing/singing. (lit. To sing pleases me.)
Cantare amo.
I like(a) to sing/singing.
Vivere est discere.
To live is to learn.
Errare est humanum.
To err is human.
Id credere non possum.
I cannot believe it/I am not able to believe that.
Vos omnes potestis librum legere.
All of you are able to read the book.
Ire nunc debent.
They ought to go now.
Librum scribere debes.
You ought to write a book.
Oportet nos eum adjuvare.
It is right for us to help him/ We should help him.
Rogare timeo.
I am afraid to ask.
Signum ferre vult.
He wants to bear the standard.
Signifer esse vult.
He wants to be the standard-bearer.
Lucia amat cafeam bibere.
Lucia loves to drink coffee.
Potesne audire?
Can you hear?
Domum ire timent.
They are afraid to go home.
Difficile est dicere.
It is difficult to say.
Paula natare conatur.
Paula tries to swim.
Pueri volunt esse milites.
The boys want to be soldiers.
Hoc facere nolo.
I do not want to do this.
Stare malo.
I prefer to stand.
Marcus claves suas invenire non potest.
Marcus cannot find his keys.
Licetne nobis ire?
May we go/Is it permitted for us to go?
Licetne mihi tabulam vidēre?
May I see the menu?
Lucia ridēre incipit.
Lucia begins to laugh.
Intellegere incipiunt.
They are beginning to understand.
Incipere volunt.
They want to begin.
Quinque dies exspectat.
He waits five days.
Duas horas exspectare debes.
You ought to wait two hours.
Exspectare non possum!
I cannot wait!
Visne hic pernoctare?
Do you want to spend the night here?
Foris pernoctare nolo.
I do not want to spend the night outside.
Domum ineo.
I enter/go into the house(d).
Licetne mihi inire domum?
May I enter/go into the house(d)?
Fieri potest.
It is possible, it can happen/be done.
Fieri non potest.
It is impossible, it cannot happen.
Marcus vult fieri medicus.
Marcus wants to become a doctor.
Gaius fieri imperator vult.
Gaius wants to become commander(i).
Nolunt fieri vigiles publici.
They do not want to become policemen.
Sequi raedam albam incipio.
I am beginning to follow the white(a) car.
Potesne cum Marco loqui?
Can you speak with Marcus?
Mater tecum loqui vult.
Mother wants to talk to/with you.
Gaius conari potest.
Gaius can try.
Mori nolumus.
We do not want to die.
Aqua fervēre incipit.
The water begins to boil.
Debes hoc uti.
You should use this.
Recordari non possum.
I cannot remember(r).
Rex jubet milites pugnare.
The king orders the soldiers to fight.
Eum manēre jubemus.
We order him to stay.
Eos murum facere jubet.
He orders them to build (make) a wall.
Marcum solvere debitum jubeo.
I order Marcus to pay the debt.
Duces nos urbem munire jubent.
The leaders order us to fortify the city.
Jus in cauponā peto.
I order/request soup in the restaurant.
Te abire vetant.
They forbid you to go away/leave.
Te abesse veto.
I forbid you to be absent.
Magistra pueros pugnare vetat.
The teacher(fem.) forbids the boys to fight.
Judex vigilem publicum monēre advocatum vetat.
The judge forbids the policeman to warn the lawyer.
Paula Gaium spectare horologium vetat.
Paula forbids Gaius to look at the clock (to watch the watch).
Potesne januam aperire?
Can you open the door (i)?
Visne emere aut vendere?
Do you wish to buy or sell?
Quis vult panem secare?
Who wants to cut the bread?
Bonum est liberos holera edere.
It is good for children to eat vegetables (that children eat vegetables).
Oportet Luciam esse fortem.
It behooves Lucia to be brave/ Lucia ought to be brave.
Scio eum habēre raedam.
I know that he has a car.
Puto Paulam esse pulchram.
I think that Paula is beautiful (I think Paula to be beautiful).
Mater dicit jus esse calidum.
Mother says that the soup is hot (Mother says the soup to be hot).
Scio Avum legere hoc diarium.
I know that Grandfather reads this newspaper (I know Grandfather to read this newspaper).
Credo eum Latine loqui.
I believe that he speaks Latin(adv.) (I believe him to speak Latin).
Scimus eos sitire.
We know that they are thirsty (We know them to thirst).
Paula dicit se esurire.
Paula says that she is hungry (Paula says herself to hunger.)
Paula dicit eam esurire.
Paula says that she (a different woman) is hungry (Paula says that other woman to hunger).
Gaius scit eam semper petere vinum.
Gaius knows that she always orders wine.
Difficile est saturam non scribere.
It is difficult not to write satire. (Juvenal)