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Gaius in scholā erit.
Gaius will be in school.
Felices erimus.
We will be happy.
Ubi eris?
Where will you be?
Ibi erunt.
They will be there(ib).
Cras in officio ero.
I will be in the office tomorrow.
Te exspectabo.
I will wait for you.
Unam hebdomadem exspectabunt.
They will wait for one week.
Vocabisne Matrem?
Will you call Mother?
Eam vocabo.
I will call her.
Paula Marcum proximā hebdomade videbit.
Paula will see Marcus next week.
Me non videbis.
You will not see me.
Librum tibi die Veneris dabo.
I will give you the book on Friday.
Lucia parentibus donum dabit.
Lucia will give (her) parents a gift.
Ad scholam ambulabimus.
We will walk to school.
Nobiscum manebis.
You will stay with us.
Hic pernoctabimus.
We will spend the night here.
Die Martis navigabimus.
We will sail on Tuesday.
Nos adjuvabunt.
They will help us.
Vobiscum cras laborabo.
I will work with you(pl.) tomorrow.
Magistra discipulos verbum novum docebit.
The teacher(fem.) will teach the students the new word.
Liberi nimium televisionis spectabunt.
The children will watch too much television.
Serpentes Paulam terrebunt.
The snakes will frighten Paula.
Proximo anno raedam habebo.
Next year I will have a car.
Proximo mense pecuniae egebit.
He will need the money next month.
Proximo die Solis cum proximis cenabimus.
Next Sunday we will eat dinner(dine) with the neighbors.
Monebisne regem hostes venire?
Will you warn the king that the enemies are coming? (Literally, “Will you warn the king the enemies to come?”)
Epistulam mittam.
I will send the letter.
Nemo hoc leget.
No one will read this.
Hodie pullum edunt; cras holera edent.
Today they eat chicken; tomorrow they will eat vegetables.
Quis solvet?
Who will pay?
Nunc aquam bibimus; vespere vinum bibemus.
Now we are drinking water; in the evening we will drink wine.
Cras intelleges.
Tomorrow you will understand.
Mater de hoc audiet.
Mother will hear about this.
They will live.
Quando venies?
When will you come?
Paula ambulabit, sed Lucia curret.
Paula will walk, but Lucia will run.
Marcus librum emet, sed Gaius libros vendet.
Marcus will buy a book, but Gaius will sell books.
Nemo mihi credet!
No one will believe me!
Numquam claves inveniam.
I will never find the keys.
Milites gladios ponent.
The soldiers will put down their swords.
Quid dicent?
What will they say?
Quid agent?
What will they do?
Senatus aget.
The Senate will act.
Marcus domi opus faciet.
Marcus will work at home.
Tecum ibo.
I will go with you.
Quo ibis?
Where will you go?
They will sleep.
Nemo sciet.
No one will know.
Mox ludere potero.
Soon I will be able to play.
Nemo dormire poterit.
No one will be able to sleep.
Solvere non poterunt.
They will not be able to pay.
Saccharum in theam non ponam.
I will not put sugar in the tea.
“Non facies tibi sculptile.”
Thou shalt not make for yourself a graven image. (Exodus 20:4)
“Non occides.”
Thou shalt not murder. (Exodus 20:13)
“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”
"Who will guard the guards themselves?" (Juvenal)
Proximā lectione plus discemus.
We will learn more in the next lesson.
Gaius signum feret.
Gaius will bear the standard.
Lac domum adferent.
They will bring/carry the milk home.
We will go away.
Will you be present?
Civis Americana fiam.
I will become an American citizen.
Multa ante diem Veneris fient.
Many (things) will be done/ happen before Friday.
Marcus ire volet.
Marcus will want to go.
Laborare nolent.
They will not want to work(l).
I will try.
Paula iterum conabitur.
Paula will try again.
Luciam sequentur.
They will follow Lucia.
Latine loquar.
I will speak Latin(adv.).
De Romā antiquā loqueris.
You will speak about ancient Rome.
Mater tecum loquetur.
Mother will speak with you.
Infans mox nascetur.
The baby will be born soon.
Nascentur, vivent, et morientur.
They will be born, they will live, and they will die.
Computatro utar.
I will use the computer.
Sol cras orietur.
The sun will rise tomorrow.
Non obliviscar.
I will not forget.
Marcus Luciae recordabitur.
Marcus will remember Lucia.
Hoc non patietur.
He will not allow this.