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Homo unum caput, duos oculos, duas manus habet.
A human has one head, two eyes, two hands.
In facie sunt duo oculi, unus nasus, et unum os.
On the face there are two eyes, one nose, and one mouth.
In unā manu sunt quinque digiti.
On one hand there are five fingers.
Noli aperire os!
Don’t open your mouth!
Nonne oculos in capite tuo habes?
Don’t you have eyes in your head?
Ex ore tuo ad aures meas.
From your mouth to my ears.
Aures tuae rubrae sunt.
Your ears are red.
Crus meum dolet.
My leg hurts.
Pedes mihi dolent.
My feet hurt.
A capite doleo.
(I feel pain from my head.) My head hurts./ I have a headache.
I’m sorry!
Bracchia et crura Luciae longa sunt.
Lucia’s arms and legs are long.
Gaius infantem in bracchiis tenebat.
Gaius was holding the baby in his arms.
Per pedes ibimus.
We will go on foot.
Murus decem pedes altus est.
The wall is ten feet high.
Puella capillos flavos habet.
The girl has blonde hair.
Ea est puella capillis flavis.
She is a blonde-haired girl/ a girl with blonde hair. (abl.)
Marcus est vir bracchiis fortibus.
Marcus is a man(v) with strong arms/a strong-armed man. (abl.)
Umerus dexter, cubitum dexterum, manus dextera
Right shoulder, right elbow, right hand.
Talus sinister, genu sinistrum, manus sinistra
Left ankle, left knee, left hand.
In genua cadit.
He falls onto his knees.
In tergum cadit.
He falls onto his back.
Frons mea dolet.
My forehead hurts.
Injuriam in fronte habeo.
I have an injury on my forehead.
Dux impetum a tergo facit.
The general makes an attack from the back.
Equus longum collum habet.
The horse has a long neck.
Cor ejus valet.
His heart is strong/healthy.
Pectus meum dolet.
My chest hurts.
Cor in sinistrā parte pectoris est.
The heart is on the left side of the chest.
Os Luciae fractum est, non ōs.
Lucia’s bone is broken, not her mouth.
Quot ossa sunt in corpore humano?
How many bones are in the human body?
Dens meus dolet.
My tooth hurts.
Dentes lavo.
I brush (my) teeth.
Sanguis ruber est.
Blood is red.
Sanguine conjuncti sumus.
We are relatives by blood.
Pollice verso.
Thumb turned, thumbs down; the sign to kill a losing gladiator
Sursum corda.
Lift up your hearts; lit. hearts lifted