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Relative and Indefinite Pronouns

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Quis est?
Who is it? (Who is he/she?)
Quis loquitur?
Who is speaking?
Qui homo est?
Which man(h) is it (is he)?
Quae femina est?
Which woman is it (she)?
Quid est?
What is it?
What?/ How?/ Why?
Quod diarium est tuum?
Which newspaper is yours?
Puer qui dormit frater meus est.
The boy who is sleeping is my brother.
Amicum qui clavichordio bene canit habeo.
I have a friend who plays the piano well.
Qui non est hodie, cras minus aptus erit.
He who is not ready today will be less so tomorrow.
Qui me amat, amat et canem meum.
He who loves me, loves my dog too.
Rosas puellae quae currit dedi.
I gave roses to the girl who is running.
Puella quae currit est Paula.
The girl who is running is Paula.
Opus quod mihi placet est difficile.
The work(o) that I like (p) is difficult.
Qui estis?
Who are you (pl.)?
Qui calcei tibi placent?
Which shoes do you like(p)?
Pueros qui pugnabant vidi.
I saw the boys who were fighting.
Puellas quae clamabant audiverunt.
They heard the girls who were shouting.
Quae nocent saepe docent.
The things that hurt often teach.
Bis vincit qui se vincit in victoriā.
He conquers twice who conquers himself in the hour of victory. (Publilius Syrus)
Quem vidisti?
Whom did you see?
Ecce liber quem heri legi.
Here is(e) the book that I read yesterday. (perfect)
Quam stolam amas?
What dress do you like?
Puella quam vides soror mea est.
The girl (whom) you see is my sister.
Malum quod Marcus edit malum erat.
The apple that Marcus ate was(imp.) bad.
Cum omnibus discipulis quos vidi locutus sum.
I spoke with all the students whom I saw.
Cum omnibus puellis quas vidi locuta sum.
I(fem.) spoke with all the girls whom I saw.
Omnia quae mihi dixisti audivi.
I heard everything (all things) that you said to me.
Cujus liber est?
Whose book is it/that/this?
Cujus calcei sunt?
Whose shoes are these?
Marcus, cujus soror est Lucia, in hoc aedificio laborat.
Marcus, whose sister is Lucia, works in this building.
Gladios hominibus quorum urbs in periculo est dedimus.
We gave swords to the men(h) whose city is in danger.
Puellas quarum pater heri mortuus est video.
I see the girls whose father died yesterday.
Cui bono?
Who benefits? (For whom the good?)
Puer cui nomen est Gaius celeriter currit.
The boy whose name (for whom the name) is Gaius runs fast.
Homo cui pecuniam dedi tunicam rubram gerebat.
The man(h) to whom I gave money was wearing a red shirt(tunic).
Quibus rosas das?
To whom(pl.) do you give roses?
Feminae quibus rosas do sunt magistrae meae.
The women to whom I give roses are my teachers.
Quo Paula abiit?
Where did Paula go(away)?
De quo loqueris?
What are you talking about/ about what are you speaking?/ (or) About whom are you speaking?
Culter quo utor est tuus.
The knife that I am using is yours.
Quocum loquuntur?
With whom are they speaking?
Qua horā ibit?
At what hour/time will he go?
Urbs in qua Marcus habitat est Roma.
The city in which Marcus lives is Rome.
Liberi quibuscum ludebam sunt amici mei.
The children I was playing with (with whom I was playing) are my friends.
Cujus regio, ejus religio.
Whose region, his religion.
Aliquis venit.
Someone is coming.
Aliquis aliquid edit.
Someone is eating something.
Marcus aliquem videt.
Marcus sees someone.
Paula aliquid vidit.
Paula saw something.
Aliquis ex vobis debet hoc facere.
One of you should do this.
Dixistine aliquid?
Did you say something?
Aliquid boni invenerunt.
They found something good. (gen.)
Lucia alicui pecuniam dedit.
Lucia gave someone the money.
Ab aliquo factum est.
It was done by someone.
Gaius aliquos libros volebat.
Gaius wanted some (a) books. (imperfect)
Nemo ambulat, sed aliqui currunt.
No one is walking, but some are running.
Aliqui mortui sunt.
Some people died.
Aliqui credunt terram esse planam.
Some people believe that the earth is flat.
Hoc fit in aliquibus locis.
This is done in some places.
Quisquis in viā ambulat, altus est.
Whoever is walking on the road is tall.
Quidquid agis, bonum est.
Whatever you do(a) is good.
Luciae nulli liberi sunt.
Lucia has no children. (literally, no children are for Lucia)
Dicunt “pax, pax,” sed nulla est pax.
They say “peace, peace,” but there is no peace.
Nullus puer cafeam bibit.
None of the boys drink coffee. (lit. No boy drinks coffee).
Nemo vestrum in scholā erat.
None of you(gen.) were in school(s).
Ubi sunt alii?
Where are the others?
Aliam viam habemus nullam.
We have no other way. (from Caesar’s Gallic Wars)
Alii vixerunt, alii mortui sunt.
Some lived, others died.
Alter mansit, alter abiit.
One remained, the other went away.
Uterque canis felem videt.
Both dogs see the cat.
Ambas puellas cognovi.
I know(c) both girls.
Utraque filia mea fortis est.
Both of my daughters are strong.
Aliquis aliquot annos in illā casā habitat.
Someone has been living in that cottage for some years.
Unusquisque pro se.
Every man for himself.
Pauci discipuli erant parati.
Few students were ready.
Quidam vir tres filios habebat.
A certain man(v) had three sons.
Alter ego est amicus.
A friend is another (a second) self.
et al.
and others
Cuique suum
To each his own.