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Hic est primus elephantus quem vidi.
This is the first elephant that I have seen.
Lucia omnium discipulorum prima stat, Marcus secundus, et Paula tertia.
Lucia stands first of all the students, Marcus second, and Paula third.
Illa est secunda pars.
That is the second part.
Venti secundi erant.
The winds were favorable.
Tertia hora est.
It is three o-clock/ the third hour.
Gaius solus laborat.
Gaius is working(l) alone.
Totam noctem exspectaverunt.
They waited for the whole night.
Totum oppidum adest.
The whole town is here/ is present.
Poculum plenum aquae est.
The cup is full of water.
Urbs plena hominum est.
The city is full of people.
Liberi tuti sunt.
The children are safe.
Charta levis, sed liber gravis est.
The paper is light, but the book is heavy.
Res non est gravis, sed levis.
The subject is not important, but trivial.
Ferrum durum, sed lana mollis est.
Iron is hard, but wool is soft.
Illo tempore, vita dura erat.
At that time, life was hard.
Mulier est mollis.
The woman(m) is gentle(m).
Puella fortis et laeta erat.
The girl was strong and happy.
Lepus celer, sed testudo tarda est.
The hare(l) is fast, but the turtle is slow.
Avis celeris celeriter volat.
The swift bird flies swiftly.
Computatrum meum tardum est.
My computer is slow.
Res publica
the republic, the public affair, the state, the commonwealth
hortus publicus
park, a public garden
Ad hortum publicum ibo.
I will go to the park.
Molle erat ambulare in horto publico.
It was(e) pleasant to walk in the park.
tela totius terrae
world wide web (lit. web of the whole earth)
Evangelium secundum Marcum
The gospel according to Mark
Soli Deo gloria.
Glory to God alone.
Primum, non nocere.
First of all, do no harm. (Hippocrates)
Mons altior est quam collis.
The mountain is higher than the hill.
Altissimum montem video.
I see the highest mountain (a very high mountain).
Illi montes altiores sunt.
Those mountains are rather high (higher/ a little too high).
Illi montes altissimi sunt.
Those mountains are very high (the highest).
Paula fortior est Luciā.
Paula is stronger than Lucia.
Marcus fortissimus est.
Marcus is very strong.
Sinistra via longior dexterā est.
The left road is longer than the right one.
Iter longissimum erat.
The journey was very long.
Tutius est manēre intus.
It is safer to stay inside.
Hic est locus tutissimus.
This is a very safe place.
Gaius brevior Marco est.
Gaius is shorter than Marcus.
Brevissima puella in scholā sum.
I am the shortest girl in the school.
Qui senator est senior?
Which senator is older?
Pater meus est junior matre meā.
My father is younger than my mother.
Marcus juvenissimus trium filiorum est.
Marcus is the youngest of three sons.
Gaius senissimus est.
Gaius is very old (the oldest).
Computatrum melius volo.
I want a better computer.
Puto Marcum esse meliorem discipulum quam te.
I think that Marcus is a better student than you.
Hic liber optimus est!
This book is very good/excellent/ the best!
Liber secundus pejor est quam primus.
The second book is worse than the first.
Hoc pessimum est!
This is very bad (the worst)!
Optimam raedam habes.
You have a very good car.
Beatissimus sum.
I am very happy.
Beatius est dare quam accipere.
It is more blessed to give than to receive.
Spero meliora.
I hope for better things.
Equus gravior est cane.
The horse is heavier than the dog.
Papilio levior est ave.
The butterfly is lighter than the bird.
Elephantus maximus et gravissimus est.
The elephant is very big and very heavy.
Haec est res gravissima.
This is a very serious matter.
Hic liber major est illo.
This book is bigger than that one.
Haec via difficilior est illā.
This road is more difficult than that one.
Labor difficillimus erat.
The work(l) was very difficult. (imperfect)
Facillimum erat librum legere.
It was very easy to read the book.
Secundus liber facilior erat primo.
The second book was easier(f) than the first. (imperfect)
Lucia pecuniam tradidit.
Lucia handed over the money.
Majores nostri latine locuti sunt.
Our ancestors spoke Latin. (adv) (perfect)
lex a majoribus tradita
a law handed down from our ancestors/ a traditional law
Majorem partem volo.
I want the bigger part.
Minor sum sorore meā.
I am smaller/younger than my sister.
Domus minima est.
The house (home) is very small.
Marcus est minimus natu.
Marcus is the youngest. (“Marcus is the least by birth”)
Paula est maxima natu.
Paula is the oldest(m n).
Esne certus?
Are you sure?
Quid certius morte est?
What is more certain than(abl.) death?
Tu es certissimus omnium amicorum meorum.
You are the most true/certain of all my friends.
Gaius me de morte Luciae certiorem fecit.
Gaius informed me about Lucia’s death. (“to make more certain”)
Mens dubia
a doubtful mind
Dubium habeo.
I have a doubt.
Nihil magis dubium est quam victoria.
Nothing is more(adv.) doubtful than victory.
Victoria in proelio maxime dubia erat.
Victory in the battle was very(adv.) doubtful.
Mala magis quam pira mihi placent.
I like(p) apples more than pears.
Raeda nigra minus quam rubea constat.
The black car costs less than the red one.
Chocolatum mihi maxime placet.
I like(p) chocolate the most (best).
No/ Not at all.
Very well done/ terrific/ excellent!
Jupiter Optimus Maximus
Jupiter best and greatest
Ursa Major, Ursa Minor
the greater bear, the smaller bear
De duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum.
Of two evils the lesser must always be chosen. (Thomas a Kempis)
Amicus certus in re incertā cernitur.
A sure friend is discerned in an unsure matter. (A friend in need is a friend indeed.) (Ennius, Cicero)
Multas gratias!
Many thanks!
Multum vinum bibit.
He drinks much wine. (adj.)
Multum est.
It is important.
In multam noctem locuti sumus.
We talked late into the night.
Non multum dormit.
He does not sleep much. (adv.)
Multi fortissimi viri mortui sunt.
Many very brave (mighty) men(v) died.
Plus aquae volo.
I want more water. (gen.)
Plus minusve.
More or less.
Milites estis, et, quod plus est, Romani estis.
You are soldiers, and what is more, you are Romans.
Lucia plus quam viginti annos nata est.
Lucia is more than twenty years old.
Paula plures libros quam Lucia habet.
Paula has more books than Lucia.
Volo plura holera edere.
I want to eat more vegetables.
Quid plura?
What more?
Plurimi homines hoc faciunt.
Most people (a great many people) do this.
Tu es ultimus Romanorum.
You are the last of the Romans.
Gaius miserrimus erat.
Gaius was very miserable.
Raeda Paulae celerrima est.
Paula’s car is very fast.
Curre celerius!
Run faster! (adv.)
Curre quam celerrime!
Run as fast as possible!
Marcus quam plurimum legit.
Marcus reads as much as possible/ the most he can.
Parentes liberos diligunt.
The parents love their children./ The parents are loving their children.
Parentes diligentes sunt.
They are loving (caring) parents.
Discipulus diligens erat.
He was a careful/ diligent student.
Feles diligo.
I love(d) cats.
Dilecta mea pulcherrima est.
My beloved(fem.) is very beautiful.
Faber diligentissimus est.
He is a very careful craftsman.
Latissimum flumen transivimus.
We crossed a very wide river.
culter acer
a sharp knife
ira acris
sharp (sudden) anger
vinum acre
bitter wine (vinegar)
Acriter pugnant.
They are fighting bitterly.
Milites, acriter pugnantes, hostes vicerunt.
The soldiers, fighting bitterly, conquered the enemies.
superioribus temporibus
in former times/ previously (lit., in higher times)
longe lateque
far and wide
datum, data
something given, things given
a priori
from the earlier (in philosophy, knowledge independent of experience)
a posteriori
from the latter (in philosophy, knowledge dependent on experience)
in extremis
in extreme circumstances; at the point of death
summa cum laude
with highest honor
Multum, non multa.
Not many things, but much. (Pliny Junior)