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Librum jam legeram.
I had already read the book.
Nuntium audiveramus.
We had heard the message.
Paulam vocaveram.
I had called Paula.
Leonem numquam viderat.
He had never seen a lion.
Marcus epistulam jam miserat.
Marcus had already sent the letter.
Libros magistrae dederamus.
We had given the books to the teacher(fem.).
Nondum adveneratis.
You (pl.) had not yet arrived.
Ibi diu habitaverant.
They had lived there(ib) for a long time.
Eos adjuveras.
You had helped them.
Puella stolam novam voluerat.
The girl had wanted a new dress.
Marcus in Romā quattuor dies fuerat.
Marcus had been in Rome for four days.
Discipuli fuerant.
They had been students.
Domum rediveramus.
We had returned home.
Fugere potueramus.
We had been able to run away.
Lucia malam fortunam habuerat.
Lucia had had bad luck.
Gaius ad urbem unde venerat redivit.
Gaius returned to the city whence he had come (from which he had come).
Ad locum quo claves posueram redivi.
I returned to the place where(whither) I had put the keys.
Pecuniam quam in raedā inveneram amisi.
I lost the money that I had found in the car.
Non comederat panem neque biberat aquam tribus diebus.
He had not eaten(com) bread or drunk water for three days.
Luciam rogaverant, sed dixerat se occupatam esse.
They had asked Lucia, but she had said that she was busy(o).
Post eius mortem nihilo minus Helvetii id quod constituerant facere conantur, ut e finibus suis exeant.
After his death the Helvetians try nonetheless that which they had decided, in order to go out from their territory. (From Caesar’s de Bello Gallico book 1)
...cum una legione, quae in eorum finibus hiemaverat...
...with one legion, which had spent the winter in their territory... (from Caesar)
Paula librum sustulerat.
Paula had picked up the book.
Rex regnum diu rexerat.
The king had ruled the kingdom for a long time.
Duces cum militibus locuti erant.
The leaders had spoken with the soldiers.
Duae puellae natae erant.
Two girls had been born.
Sol ortus erat.
The sun had risen.
Oblitus eram.
I had forgotten.
Canes nos secuti erant.
The dogs had followed us.
Gaius iterum conatus erat.
Gaius had tried again.
Factum erat.
It had happened/ been done/ been made.
Milites facti eramus.
We had become soldiers.
Cultro usus eras.
You had used a knife.
Lucia senator facta erat.
Lucia had been elected (had become/ had been made) senator.
Marcus vidit feminam quae mortua erat.
Marcus saw the woman who had died.
Paula locuta erat, sed nemo eam audiverat.
Paula had spoken, but no one had heard her.
Luciae memini.
I remember Lucia.
Clavium mearum memineram.
I remembered(m) my keys (with gen. object).
Recordatus erat.
He had remembered.
Lucia eum odit.
Lucia hates him.
Lucia eum oderat.
Lucia hated him.
Marcum novi.
I know Marcus.
Marcum noveramus.
We knew Marcus.