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Future Perfect

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In fine vicerint.
In the end they will have won.
Exercitus in fines hostium transiverit.
The army will have crossed (gone across) into the territory of the enemy.
Medicum vocaverimus.
We will have called the doctor.
Lucia satis temporis habuerit.
Lucia will have had enough time(gen.).
Discipuli in scholā manserint.
The students will have remained in school.
Optimus fueris.
You will have been the best.
Potuerint natare.
They will have been able to swim.
Quid potuerit facere?
What will he have been able to do?
Cauponam invenero.
I will have found the restaurant.
Te viderimus.
We will have seen you.
Quid Mater dixerit?
What will Mother have said?
Mus poculum lactis voluerit.
The mouse will have wanted a cup of milk.
Paula primum abiverit.
Paula will have gone away first.
Quis dentifricium ceperit?
Who will have taken the toothpaste?
De Marco cogitaverint.
They will have thought about Marcus.
Pecuniam magistrae dederimus.
We will have given the money to the teacher(fem.).
Totum diem laboravero.
I will have worked(l) all day.
Totam hebdomadem exspectaverint.
They will have waited all week.
Te cras videbo, ubi domum venero.
I will see you tomorrow, when(u) I (will have) come home.
In fine Marcus rex factus erit.
In the end Marcus will have become king.
De quo locuti erunt?
What will they have talked about?
Nimis locuti erimus.
We will have talked too much.
Iterum conata erit.
She will have tried again.
Mortuus ero.
I will have died (I will be dead)
Infans natus erit.
The baby will have been born.
Multi canes nos secuti erunt.
Many dogs will have followed us.
“Desilite, commilitones, nisi vultis aquilam hostibus prodere. Ego certe meum rei publicae atque imperatori officium praestitero."
Jump down, comrades, unless you wish to give up the eagle to the enemy. I shall certainly have performed my duty to the republic and the commander. (Julius Caesar, recounting the words of a brave signifer leading the way in a difficult aquatic landing.)
Qui Antonium oppresserit, is hoc bellum confecerit.
He who will have crushed Antonius will have finished this war. (Cicero)
Dum loquimur, fugerit invida aetas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.
Even as we speak, cruel time will have fled: seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future. (Horace)