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Marcus pilam jacit.
Marcus throws the ball. (active voice)
Pila a Marco jacitur.
The ball is thrown by Marcus.
Pilae a pueris jacientur.
Balls will be thrown by the boys.
Lucia ab omnibus amatur.
Lucia is loved(a) by all.
Lucia a fratre suo amabatur.
Lucia was loved(a) by her brother.
Ab omnibus canibus in urbe amabimur.
We will be loved(a) by all the dogs in the city.
Marcus a Luciā occiditur.
Marcus is killed(o) by Lucia.
Gladiis occiduntur.
They are killed(o) with (by means of) swords.
Ab eis non occidar.
I will not be killed(o) by them.
Panis cultro secatur.
The bread is cut with a knife.
Aranea ab ave editur.
The spider is eaten by the bird.
Omnia crustula a pueris edentur.
All the cookies will be eaten by the boys.
You will be captured.
A serpentibus terreor.
I am frightened by (terrified of) snakes.
Hic liber a multis legitur.
This book is read by many.
Miles a civibus memoriā tenetur.
The soldier is remembered(m t) by the citizens.
Negotio retineor.
I am held back (restrained) by business/duty. (abl.)
A magistro dimittentur.
They will be dismissed by the teacher.
Oppidum incenditur.
The town is being burned.
We are being called.
Paula a Gaio videtur.
Paula is seen by Gaius.
Paula negotiosa videtur.
Paula seems/looks busy. (“is seen to be”.)
Gaius laetus videtur.
Gaius looks happy(l).
Multi libri scribuntur.
Many books are (being) written.
Multae epistulae scribebantur.
Many letters(e) were being written.
Multa verba scribentur.
Many words will be written.
Quomodo Latine dicitur?
How is it said in Latin?/ How do you say it in Latin?
Faber honestus esse dicitur.
The craftsman is said to be honest./ They say that the craftsman is honest.
Castra vallo fossāque muniuntur.
The camp is fortified with a wall and a ditch.
Patinam frango.
I break a dish.
Fenestram fregisti.
You have broken the window.
Patinae franguntur.
The dishes are being broken.
Fenestra fracta est.
The window has been (was) broken.
Os fractum erat.
The bone had been broken.
Liber Paulae datus est.
A book has been given (was given) to Paula.
Libri liberis dati sunt.
Books were given to the children.
Malum matri datum est.
An apple has been given to Mom.
Lucia a Gaio visa est.
Lucia was seen by Gaius.
Ab hostibus visi sumus.
We have been seen by the enemy/enemies.
Canes laeti visi sunt.
The dogs seemed happy(l). (“were seen as”, here a linking verb)
Marcus gladio occisus est.
Marcus was killed with a sword. (ablative of means)
Pilae a pueris jactae sunt.
The balls were thrown by the boys.
Panis cultro sectus est.
The bread was cut with a knife.
Vestimenta lavata sunt.
The clothes were washed.
Cibus coctus est.
The food has been cooked.
A magistris missi sumus.
We have been sent by the teachers.
Victus sum.
I was beaten/conquered.
Auditus es.
You have been heard.
Vox tua audita est.
Your voice has been heard.
Voces tuae auditae erunt.
Your voices will have been heard.
Discipuli retenti sunt.
The students were kept back.
Dimissi estis.
You (pl.) have been dismissed/released.
Multa verba scripta sunt.
Many words have been written.
Dictum est.
It has been said.
Alea jacta est.
The die has been cast. (Julius Caesar)