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Femina aquam bibit.
The woman drinks the water.
Puellae cenam edunt.
The girls eat dinner.
Nauta terram videt.
The sailor sees the land.
Lucia epistulam scribit.
Lucia writes a letter(e).
Terra est insula.
The land is an island.
Paula uvam edit.
Paula eats a bunch of grapes.
Nautae insulas vident.
The sailors see the islands.
Insula est magna.
The island is large.
Insulae sunt magnae.
The islands are large.
Puellae multas litteras legunt.
The girls read many letters(l).
Multae feminae magnas insulas vident.
Many women see the large islands.
Agricola magnam mensam habet.
The farmer has a large table.
Puellae nautas vident.
The girls see the sailors.
Agricolae epistulas scribunt.
The farmers write letters(e).
Marcus et Gaius sunt nautae.
Marcus and Gaius are sailors.
Britannia est insula in Europā.
Britain is an island in Europe.
Roma in Italiā est.
Rome is in Italy.
Patria mea America est.
My native country is America.
Pueri in viā ambulant.
The boys walk on the road.
Nautae sunt in culinā.
The sailors are in the kitchen.
Puellae parvae panem in culinā edunt.
The little girls are eating bread in the kitchen.
Agricola in terrā laborat.
The farmer works on the land(t).
Marcus et Paula in Asiā habitant.
Marcus and Paula live(h) in Asia.
Villa nostra in Italiā est.
Our house is in Italy.
Viri cum feminis in viā ambulant.
The men(v) walk with the women on the road.
Sunt multae viae in Americā.
There are many roads in America.
Via bona in silvis est.
A good road is in the forest (pl.).
Pueri cum puellis in viis ambulant.
The boys walk with the girls on the roads.
Homines in multis terris habitant.
The men(h) live in many lands.
Lucia in parvā villā habitat.
Lucia lives in a small farmhouse.
Femina pulchra in insulā parvā habitat.
A beautiful woman lives on a small island.
Nautae multas terras pulchras vident.
The sailors see many beautiful lands.
Familia mea villam in Americā habet.
My family has a house in America.
Villa nautae in Britanniā est.
The sailor’s house is in Britain.
Villa puellarum magna est.
The girls’ house is big/ The house of the girls is big.
Viae Americae longae sunt.
The roads of America are long.
Culina Paulae est parva.
Paula’s kitchen is small.
Marcus filiam pulchram habet.
Marcus has a beautiful daughter.
Lucia et Gaius epistulam agricolae legunt.
Lucia and Gaius read the farmer’s letter(e).
Pueri cenam puellarum edunt.
The boys eat the girls’ dinner.
Est mea pecunia!
It is my money!
Est pecunia Luciae!
It is Lucia’s money!
Parva puella est filia Luciae.
The small girl is Lucia’s daughter.
Filiae agricolae parvae sunt.
The farmer’s daughters are small.
Puellae cum filiā nautae ambulant.
The girls walk with the sailor’s daughter.
Memoria tua est bona.
Your memory is good.
Memoria agricolae bona est.
The farmer’s memory is good.
Filia feminae valet.
The woman’s daughter is well.
Valetne filia tua?
Is your daughter well?
Nautae multas terras Europae vident.
The sailors see many lands of Europe.
Villae vestrae sunt in Americā.
Your (pl.) houses are in America.
Villae feminarum sunt in Asiā.
The women’s houses (houses of the women) are in Asia.
Femina cum aviā Paulae laborat.
The woman works with Paula’s grandmother.
Marcus cum aviā Paulae, Luciā, laborat.
Marcus works with Paula’s grandmother, Lucia.
Memoria mea linguae Latinae non est bona!
My memory of Latin(+language) is not good!
Utinam bonas memorias linguae Latinae habeatis!
May you(pl.) have good memories of Latin!
Puer puellae rosam dat.
The boy gives a rose to the girl.
Puer puellae rosas dat.
The boy gives roses to the girl.
Malum magistrae das.
You give the teacher(fem.) an apple.
Mala magistris das.
You give apples to the teachers.
Magistris non multam pecuniam datis.
You (pl.) do not give much money to the teachers.
Paula arcam nautae dat.
Paula gives the sailor a box.
Est gemma in arcā.
There is a jewel in the box.
Sunt gemmae in arcā.
There are jewels in the box.
Nauta gemmam puellae dat.
The sailor gives a jewel to the girl.
Nauta gemmas puellis dat.
The sailor gives jewels to the girls.
Lucia agricolae pecuniam non dat.
Lucia does not give money to the farmer.
Nautae feminis rosas dant.
The sailors give the women roses.
Nauta feminae rosas dat.
The sailor gives the woman roses.
Aviae et puellae pecuniam damus.
We give money to the grandmother and the girl.
Aviae puellae pecuniam damus.
We give money to the girl’s grandmother.
Puellis parvis rosas do.
I give roses to the little girls.
Reginae coronam dat.
He gives a crown to the queen.
Regina et puellae poetae coronam dant.
The queen and the girls give a crown to the poet.
Puellae et nautae poetae coronam reginae dant.
The girls and the sailors give the queen’s crown to the poet.