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Hoc Romae in Italiā factum est.
This happened at Rome in Italy.
Marcus Romae habitat.
Marcus lives in Rome.
Paula domi est.
Paula is at home.
Domum redivi.
I returned home.
Domo Romam ibo.
I will go from home to Rome.
Lucia Lutetiae habitat.
Lucia lives in Paris.
Romulus et Remus Romam condiderunt.
Romulus and Remus founded Rome.
Ruri habitare volo.
I want to live in the country.
Alexandria est urbs in Aegypto.
Alexandria is a city in Egypt.
Barcino in Hispaniā est.
Barcelona is in Spain.
Gaius Syracusis in Siciliā habitat.
Gaius lives in Syracuse on Sicily.
Athenis natus est.
He was born in Athens.
Athenas ire semper volui.
I have always wanted to go to Athens.
Londinio Novum Eboracum cras ibit.
He will go from London to New York tomorrow.
Quid vidisti Novi Eboraci?
What did you see in New York?
Magnum bellum Troiae erat.
There was a great war at Troy.
Graeci Troiam navigaverunt.
The Greeks sailed to Troy.
Humi sedent.
They are sitting on the ground.
Multa corpora humi jacebant.
Many bodies were lying on the ground.
Romani, ite domum!
Romans, go home!
Hic jacet
Here lies _ (beginning of an epitaph)
Lanam fecit, domi mansit.
She did her wool, she stayed at home. (Epitaph of a good wife).
Carthago delenda est.
Carthage must be destroyed.
ab urbe condita
from the foundation of the city; Romans dated their time from this point, traditionally 753 B.C. (A.U.C)
Gaudeamus igitur, juvenes dum sumus! Post jucundam juventutem, post molestam senectutem, nos habebit humus.
Let us rejoice therefore, while we are young! After pleasant youth, after troublesome old age, the ground will have us.
Septem continentes in mundo sunt; Europa, Asia, Africa, Oceania, America Septentrionalis, America Australis, et Antarctica.
There are seven continents in the world; Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America, South America, and Antarctica.
Ex oriente lux, ex occidente lex.
Light from the east, law from the west.
Ad occidentalem navigaverunt.
They sailed to the west.
In terram australem iter fecit.
He made a journey into the south (to the southern land).
Ursa Minor constellatio in caelo septentrionali sita est.
Ursa Minor (the smaller bear) is a constellation(c) located(s) in the northern sky.
Scipio Africanus Hannibalem et Carthaginienses vicit.
Scipio Africanus conquered Hannibal and the Carthaginians.
Britanniarum Regnum est libera Europae Occidentalis civitas, quae ex civitatibus Anglia, Scotia, Cambria, in Britannia Maiore insula, et Hibernia Septentrionali, in Hibernia, constat.
The United Kingdom (kingdom of the British states) is an independent(l) country/state(c) in western Europe, which consists(c) of (the states of) England, Scotland, Wales on the island of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland, on Ireland.
Civitates Foederatae Americae
The United States of America (USA)
Sententiae Franciae est “libertas, aequalitas, fraternitas.”
The motto of France is “liberty, equality, fraternity.”
Caput et urbs maxima Germaniae est Berolinum.
The capital and largest city of Germany is Berlin.
Folium acernum in vexillo Canadae est.
There is a maple leaf on the flag of Canada.
Credisne solum unum universum esse?
Do you believe that there is only one universe?
In universā terrā.
In the whole(u) earth.
Universitas Bononiensis
University of Bologna (the oldest university)
Alma mater
nurturing mother
Universitas Oxoniensis
University of Oxford
Universitas Cantabrigiensis
University of Cambridge
Universitas Harvardiana
Harvard University
Nuntii Latini Occidentalis Studiorum Universitatis Vasintoniensis Bellinghamiae
The Latin News podcast of Western Washington University at Bellingham
Magnā cum laude
with great praise
Summā cum laude
with greatest praise
Artium Baccalaureus
Bachelor of Arts
Artium Magister
Master of Arts
Scientiae Baccalaureus
Bachelor of Science
Philosophiae Doctor
Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy
Gradum suscepit.
He received his degree/diploma (graduated.)
Honoris causa
for the reason of honor (an honorary degree)