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Cibus est bonus.
Food is good.
Panis non est malus.
The bread is not bad.
Panem edo.
I eat the bread.
Cafeam bibo .
I drink coffee.
Cafeam cum lacte et saccharo bibis.
You drink coffee with milk and sugar.
Jus est bonum.
The soup is good.
Jus bonum edis.
You eat the good soup.
Puer crustulum edit.
The boy eats the cookie.
Pueri parvi multa crustula edunt.
Little boys eat many cookies.
Multum saccharum in crustulo est.
There is a lot of sugar in the cookie.
Puella lac bibit.
The girl drinks milk.
Pueri sucum, sed homines vinum bibunt.
The boys drink juice, but the men(h) drink wine.
Homo fragum edit.
The man(h) eats a strawberry.
Viri fraga edunt, sed feminae mala edunt.
The men(v) eat strawberries, but the women eat apples.
Pullus non est in ovo.
The chicken is not in the egg.
Marcus ova edit.
Marcus eats eggs.
Paula pullum edit.
Paula eats chicken.
Piscis in aquā est.
The fish is in water.
Piscem edimus.
We eat fish(sing.).
Vinum bibimus, sed theam bibitis.
We drink wine, but you (pl.) drink tea.
Pullum cum oryzā editis.
You (pl.) eat chicken with rice.
Oryzam cum pullo editis.
You (pl.) eat rice with chicken.
Chocolatum cum lacte est bonum.
Chocolate with milk is good.
Vir caseum edit.
The man(v) eats the cheese.
Caseus cum pisce non est bonus.
Cheese with fish is not good.
Caseum edunt et vinum bibunt.
They eat cheese and drink wine.
Ab ovo usque ad mala.
From the egg to the apples.
Culina et triclinium in villā sunt.
The kitchen and dining room are in the house.
ientaculum, prandium, cena
breakfast, lunch, dinner
Mensa est in triclinio.
The table is in the dining room.
Est mensa et in culinā.
There is also a table in the kitchen. / There is a table also in the kitchen.
Ova in ientaculo edo.
I eat(e) eggs for breakfast.
Ova ientaculo sumo.
I eat(s) eggs for breakfast.
Bubula est caro.
Beef is meat.
Porcina et pullus sunt caro.
Pork and chicken are meat.
In triclinio cenam edimus.
We eat dinner in the dining room.
In triclinio cenamus.
We dine (eat dinner) in the dining room.
I am hungry(verb).
Esuriens sum.
I am hungry(adj).
Pueri sunt esurientes.
The boys are hungry(adj).
Paula post prandium dulciolum edit.
Paula eats a candy after lunch.
Dulciolum est dulce.
The candy is sweet.
Sucus dulcis est.
The juice is sweet.
Parva puella est dulcis.
The little girl is sweet.
Are you thirsty(verb)?
Sitiens es. Quid bibis?
You are thirsty(adj). What do you drink?
Vinum in calice bibit.
He drinks wine in a chalice (wine cup).
Gaius cafeam de poculo bibit.
Gaius drinks coffee from a cup.
Marcus jus in poculo habet.
Marcus has soup in a bowl.
Ovum in patellā est.
The egg is on the plate.
Patellae in mensā sunt.
The plates are on the table.
Servi mensam in triclinium portant.
Slaves carry the table into the dining room.
Lucia ova cum porcinā coquit.
Lucia cooks eggs with pork.
Bubulam gustatis.
You(pl.) taste the beef.
Prandium sumimus.
We have (take) lunch.
Fructum edimus.
We eat fruit.
Acetaria manducas.
You eat(m) the salad.
Jus est salsum.
The soup is salty.
Vinum est acidum, non bonum.
The wine is sour, not good.
Potionem cum amicis meis sumo.
I take(s) a drink with my friends.
Marcus cervisiam bibit.
Marcus drinks beer.
Fructus est dulcis.
The fruit is sweet.
Puer carotam manducat.
The boy eats(m) a carrot.
Lucia et Gaius carnem non edunt.
Lucia and Gaius do not eat meat.
Lucia est vegetariana.
Lucia is a vegetarian.
Holera cum sale coquo.
I cook the vegetables with salt.
Est farina in pane.
There is flour in the bread.
Piscem in oleo coquimus.
We cook the fish in oil.
Holus in aquā coquit.
She cooks the vegetable in water.
Salem gustamus.
We taste the salt.
In ientaculo fructum et panem cum oleo sumo.
At breakfast I eat(s) fruit and bread with oil.
Patina ovorum est gustatio.
A dish of eggs is the appetizer.
Fabae sunt in ollā.
Beans are in the pot.
Frumentum coquo.
I cook grain.
Frumenta in agris sunt.
The crops are in the fields.
Parvi pueri nuces non edunt.
The little boys do not eat nuts.
Secunda mensa est patina pirorum cum melle.
Dessert is a dish of pears with honey.
Garum est salsum.
Fish sauce is salty.
Est piper in secundā mensā.
There is pepper in the dessert.
Homines in thermopolio edunt.
Men(h) are eating in the cafe(t).
Thermopolium tabulam habet.
The cafe has a menu.
In tabulā sunt jus, panis, cafea et thea.
On the menu are soup, bread, coffee and tea.
Caupona bona est in urbe.
A good restaurant is in the city.
Marcus fabas cum caepis et pipere coquit.
Marcus cooks beans with onions and pepper.
Olla fervet.
The pot is boiling.