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Mus est parva.
The mouse is small.
Formica et apis parvae sunt.
The ant and the bee are small.
Feles aquam bibit.
The cat(f) drinks water.
Feles lac bibunt.
The cats(f) drink milk.
Puella equum habet.
The girl has a horse.
Lucia equos amat.
Lucia likes horses.
Est avis in villā!
There is a bird in the house!
Multi oves in agro sunt.
Many sheep are in the field.
Ego feles amo, sed tu canes amas.
I like cats(f), but you like dogs.
Equus est animal.
The horse is an animal.
Aves panem edunt.
The birds eat bread.
Formica in saccharo est.
The ant is in the sugar.
Mus caseum edit.
The mouse eats cheese.
Musca mel edit.
The fly eats the honey.
Estne musca aut apis?
Is it a fly or a bee?
Equi et oves herbam edunt.
The horses and sheep eat grass.
Simia non est pulchra.
The monkey is not beautiful.
Simiam habeo.
I have a monkey.
Pueri et puellae simias in vivario vident.
The boys and girls see monkeys in the zoo.
Vivarium est hortus animalium.
A zoo is a garden of animals.
Sunt multa animalia in vivario.
There are many animals in the zoo.
Marcus de avibus et apibus legit.
Marcus reads about the birds and the bees.
Rex est nomen canis.
Rex is the dog’s name.
Felix est nomen catti.
Felix is the cat’s(c) name.
Ego sum papilio.
I am a butterfly.
Canis anatem videt.
The dog sees the duck.
Vacca aquam bibit et herbam edit.
The cow drinks water and eats grass.
Bos est pecus.
The ox is a domesticated animal (cattle).
Agricola magna pecora habet.
The farmer has large herds.
Ursus et leo sunt bestiae.
The bear and the lion are wild animals.
Anas est avis.
The duck is a bird.
Puella anatem habet.
The girl has a duck.
Taurus vaccam videt.
The bull sees the cow.
Cancer et delphinus in mari sunt.
The crab and the dolphin are in the sea.
Nautae delphinos vident.
The sailors see dolphins.
Cancri piscem edunt.
The crabs are eating the fish(sing.).
Leo et vacca in terrā sunt.
The lion and the cow are on land.
Sunt multae bestiae in vivario.
There are many animals(b) in the zoo.
Vivarium multas bestias habet.
The zoo has many animals(b).
Ursa Major est sidus.
Ursa Major (the greater bear) is a constellation.
Ursa Minor, Leo, et Cancer sunt sidera in caelo.
Ursa Minor (the smaller bear), Leo, and Cancer are constellations in the sky.
Currus bovem trahit.
The cart drags the ox.
Lupus cuniculum edit.
The wolf eats the rabbit(c).
Lepus lupum videt.
The rabbit(l) sees the wolf.
Tigris cervam edit.
The tiger eats the deer(fem.).
Cervus hominem videt.
The deer sees the man(h).
Bubo murem edit.
The owl eats a mouse.
Magnus elephantus herbam edit.
The big elephant eats grass.
Aranea muscam edit.
The spider eats a fly.
Puer parvum serpentem habet.
The boy has a small snake.
Serpentes non amo.
I do not like snakes.
Cerva in silvā habitat.
The deer(fem.) lives(h) in the forest(sing.).
Magistra librum de testudine et lepore legit.
The teacher(fem.) reads a book about the tortoise and the hare(l).
Elephantos in vivario videmus.
We see the elephants in the zoo.
Apis est insectum.
The bee is an insect.
Sunt multa insecta in urbe.
There are many insects in the city.
Tigris tuus est pulcher.
Your tiger is beautiful.
Avus cuniculum Luciae dat.
Grandfather gives Lucia a rabbit(c).
Duo est bubo.
Duo is an owl.
Lupa non est mater Romuli et Remi.
The she-wolf is not the mother of Romulus and Remus.
Testudo volat.
(proverbial) A turtle flies; Impossible.