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Magnam familiam habeo.
I have a large family.
Est frater meus, quod est filius patris mei.
He is my brother, because he is the son of my father.
Vestri parentes in Italiā habitant.
Your (pl.) parents live in Italy.
Avus et avia tua in Hispaniā habitant.
Your grandfather and grandmother live in Spain.
Gaius et Lucia sunt conjuges.
Gaius and Lucia are a couple.
Gaius est maritus, et Lucia est uxor.
Gaius is the husband, and Lucia is the wife.
Gaius pater infantis Luciae est.
Gaius is the father of Lucia’s baby.
Mater Lucia infantem amat.
The mother, Lucia, loves the baby.
Infans Gaii est filia, non filius.
Gaius’ baby is a daughter, not a son.
Parentes mei agricolae sunt.
My parents are farmers.
Habesne maritum?
Do you have a husband?
Cum parentibus meis habito.
I live with my parents.
Sumus soror et frater; non sumus conjuges!
We are sister and brother; we are not a couple!
Liberi crustula amant.
The children like cookies.
Frater meus multos liberos habet.
My brother has many children.
Avus meus cervisiam bibit.
My grandfather drinks beer.
Avia mea cervisiam avi bibit.
My grandmother drinks grandfather’s beer.
Pecuniam liberis tuis das.
You give money to your children.
Sorori meae librum do.
I give my sister a book.
In loco parentis.
In the place of a parent.
Avus meus et avia mea multos nepotes habent.
My grandfather and my grandmother have many grandchildren.
Matrimonium nostrum est bonum.
Our marriage is good.
Nepos meus est filius filiae meae.
My grandson is the son of my daughter.
Meus avus est pater matris meae.
My grandfather is my mother’s father.
Avia dicit, “Neptis mea est pulchra!”
The grandmother says, “My granddaughter is beautiful!”
Alta mulier est matertera nostra.
The tall woman(m) is our aunt/ mother’s sister.
Sunt multae mulieres pulchrae in familiā nostrā.
There are many beautiful women(m) in our family.
Amitam meam in nuptiis patruelis mei video.
I see my aunt/ father’s sister at my cousin’s(p) wedding.
Puella dicit, “Consobrinas meas (sed non consobrinos) amo!”
The girl says, “I love my girl cousins(c) (but not my boy cousins)!”
Patruus meus est frater patris mei.
My uncle is my father’s brother.
Avunculus Gaius est frater matris meae.
Uncle Gaius is my mother’s brother.
Patruus meus liberos non habet; itaque patrueles non habeo.
My uncle/ father’s brother does not have children; therefore(i) I do not have cousins.
Familia supra omnia.
Family above everything.