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sharpen, spur on
acuo,acuere, acui, acutus
lead to, take to, induce
adduco,adducere, adduxi, adductus
adicio,adicere, adieci, adiectus
adigo,adigere, adegi, adactus
take away, remove
adimo ,adimere, ademi, ademptus
let go of, commit
admitto,admittere, admisi, admissus
nod, approve
adnuo,adnuere, adnui, adnutus
tie up
adstringo,adstringere, adstrinxi, adstrictus
rise up
adsurgo,adsurgere, adsurrexi, adsurrectus
affect, treat, fill, influence
afficio,afficere, affeci, affectus
knock down, crush, strike
affligo,affligere, afflixi, afflictus
agnosco,agnoscere, agnovi, agnitus
make for, try to reach, crave
appeto,appetere, appetivi, appetitus
declare, prove, accuse
arguo,arguere, argui, argutus
snatch, seize, lay hold of
arripio,arripere, arripui, arreptus
look at, inspect
aspicio,aspicere, aspexi, aspectus
sit down beside
assido,assidere, assedi
pay attention to, listen to
attendo,attendere, attendi, attentus
touch, border on, reach
attingo,attingere, attigi, attactus
turn aside, avert, divert
averto,avertere, averti, aversus
bibo,bibere, bibi, bibitus
cut down, beat, kill
caedo,caedere, cecidi, caesus
be without, have no, lack
careo,carere, carui, caritus +abl
pluck, gather
carpo,carpere, carpsi, carptus
give one's opinion, think, judge
censeo,censere, censi, census
cut (all) round
circumcido,circumcidere, circumcidi, circumcisus
pour around, surround
circumfundo,circumfundere, circumfudi, circumfusus
circumsisto,circumsistere, circumsteti, circumstatus
claudo,claudere, clausi, clausus
throw together, conjecture, guess
coicio/conicio, -icere, -ieci, -iectus
pick up, collect, assemble, judge
colligo,colligere, collegi, collectus
compello,compellere, compuli, compulsus
be capable
competo,competere, competivi, competitus
put together, form, settle, arrange
compono,componere, composui, compositus
grasp, include, seize, arrest
compre(he)ndo,comprendere, comprendi, comprensus
check, choke, suppress
comprimo,comprimere, compressi, compressus
yield, withdraw, concede, grant permission
concedo,concedere, concessi, concessus
pick up, gather
concerpo,concerpere, concerpsi, concerptus
fall down
concido,concidere, concidi, concasus
conceive, take on
concipio,concipere, concepi, conceptus
concutio,concutere, concussi, concussus
hire, rent
conduco,conducere, conduxi, conductus
flock together
confluo,confluere, confluxi
throw, hurl, guess
conicio,conicere, conieci, coniectus
join (together)
coniungo,coniungere, coniunxi, coniunctus
seek out, search thoroughly for
conquiro,conquirere, conquisivi, conquisitus
board, go on board
conscendo,conscendere, conscendi, conscensus
enrol, conscript, recruit
conscribo,conscribere, conscripsi, conscriptus
fasten together, connect
consero,conserere, conserui, consertus
sit down
consido,considere, consedi, consessus
strew, cover
consterno,consternere, constravi, constratus
bind, tie
constringo,constringere, constrinxi, constrictus
grow accustomed
consuesco,consuescere, consuevi, consuetus
rise, spring up
consurgo,consurgere, consurrexi
despise, scorn
contemno,contemnere, contempsi, contemptus
contingo,contingere, contigi, contactus
draw in, muster
contraho,contrahere, contraxi, contractus
become strong
convalesco,convalescere, convalui
turn, turn round, turn back, reverse
converto,convertere, converti, conversus
convinco,convincere, convici, convictus
corrigo,corrigere, correxi, correctus
spoil, destroy, corrupt
corrumpo,corrumpere, corrupi, corruptus
grow frequent, increase
crebresco,crebrescere, crebrui
cresco,crescere, crevi
withdraw, retreat
decedo,decedere, decessi, decessus
decide, determine
decerno,decernere, decrevi, decretus
pluck down
decerpo,decerpere, decerpsi, decerptus
fall down
decido,decidere, decidi
decresco,decrescere, decrevi, decretus
run past
decurro,decurrere, decucurri, decursus
hand over, give up, surrender
dedo,dedere, dedidi, deditus
turn aside
deflecto,deflectere, deflexi, deflexus
throw down
deicio,deicere, deieci, deiectus
glide down
delabor,delabi, delapsus
choose, select
deligo,deligere, delegi, delectus
deligo,deligere, delegi, delectus
do wrong
delinquo,delinquere, deliqui, delictus
plunge into
demergo,demergere, demersi, demersus
let down, lower
demitto,demittere, demisi, demissus
take down, remove, demolish
demo,demere, dempsi, demptus
drive away, scatter
depello,depellere, depulsi, depulsus
seize upon, catch, find
deprehendo,deprehendere, deprehendi, deprehensus
leave behind, abandon
desero,deserere, deserui, desertus
desisto,desistere, destiti, destitus
despise, look down on
despicio,despicere, despexi, despectus
draw (a sword)
destringo,destringere, destinxi, destrictus
take off, pull off
detraho,detrahere, detraxi, detractus
roll down
devolvo,devolvere, devolvi, devolutus
flee in different directions
diffugio,diffugere, diffugi
spread, exhilarate
diffundo,diffundere, diffudi, diffusus
love, esteem
diligo,diligere, dilexi, dilectus
diripio,diripere, diripui, dereptus
dispello,dispellere, dispuli, dispulsus
station at intervals, station, distribute
dispono,disponere, disposui, dispositus
break up, release, pay
dissolvo,dissolvere, dissolvi, dissolutus
distribute, assign
distribuo,distribuere, distribui, distributus
turn aside
diverto,divertere, diverti, deversus
learn by heart
edisco,ediscere, edidici
produce, give out, bring forth
edo (long e in present)),edere, edidi, editus
edo (short e),edesse, edi, essus
lead out
educo,educere, eduxi, eductus
dig out
effodio,effodere, effodi, effossus
break open
effringo,effringere, effregi, effractus
throw out
eicio,eicere, eieci, eiectus
select, choose
eligo,eligere, elegi, electus
mock, baffle, make sport of
eludo,eludere, elusi, elusus
come forth, emerge
emergo,emergere, emersi, emersus
raise up, encourage, excite
erigo,erigere, erexi, erectus
burst out, break out
erumpo,erumpere, erupi, eruptus
escape, avoid, go out
evado,evadere, evasi, evasus
come out, turn out, come about
evenio,evenire, eveni, eventus
overturn, overthrow, outflank
everto,evertere, everti, eversus
go out, leave
excedo,excedere, excessi, excessus
shut out
excludo,excludere, exclusi, exclusus
shake off, get rid of, banish
excutio,excutere, excussi, excussus
drive out, ponder, pass time
exigo,exigere, exegi, exactus
drive out
expello,expellere, expuli, expulsus
set out, expose
expono,exponere, exposui, expositus
exprimo,exprimere, expressi, expressus
come into being
exsisto,exsistere, exstiti
put out, eliminate, destroy
exstinguo,exstinguere, exstinxi, exstinctus
spread out, stretch out
extendo,extendere, extendi, extensus
extinguo (exstinguo),extinguere, extinxi, extinctus
weary, tire out, exhaust
fatigo,fatigare, fatigavi, fatigatus
fix, pierce
figo,figere, fixi, fixus
make, invent, fabricate, pretend
fingo,fingere, finxi, fictus
turn, direct, bend
flecto,flectere, flexi, flexus
flow, run away
fluo,fluere, fluxi
break, crush
frango,frangere, fregi, fractus
roar, murmur, growl
fremo,fremere, fremui
be mad, rage
gemo,gemere, gemui, gemitus
strike, hit
ico,icere, ici, ictus
ignosco,ignoscere, ignovi +dat
plunge into
immergo,immergere, immersi, immersus
drive on, induce, stimulate
impello,impellere, impuli, impulsus
spend, pay
impendo,impendere, impendi, impensus
put on, impose
impono,imponere, imposui, impositus
march, advance
incedo,incedere, incessi, incessus
fall upon, come to light, light upon
incido,incidere, incidi, incasus
carve, cut, inscribe
incido,incidere, incidi, incisus
inhabit, dwell
incolo,incolere, incolui, incultus
bring on, produce, lead on, induce
induco,inducere, induxi, inductus
put on, assume
induo,induere, indui, indutus
dye, infect
inficio,inficere, infeci, infectus
throw in
inicio,inicere, inieci, iniectus
insero,inserere, inserui, inserus
stand on, press
insisto,insistere, institi, institus
set up, erect
instituo,instituere, institui, institutus
rise into, rush into
insurgo,insurgere, insurrexi
intercedo,intercedere, intercessi, intercessus
intercipio,intercipere, intercepi, interceptus
throw among, interpose (passive - intervene)
intericio,intericere, interieci, interiectus
place between (passive = lie between)
intermitto,intermitter, intermisi, intermissus
attack, invade
invado,invadere, invasi, invasus
become stronger
invalesco,invalescere, invalui
provoke, challenge
lacesso,lacessere, lacessivi, lacessitus
play, trifle
ludo,ludere, lusi, lusus
maledico,maledicere, maledixi, maledictus, +dat
immerse, plunge
mergo,mergere, mersi, mersus
metuo,metuere, metui, metutus
minuo,minuere, menui, minitus
get to know
nosco,noscere, novi, notus
throw against, oppose
obicio,obicere, obieci, obiectus
cover over, conceal, overwhelm
obruo,obruere, obrui, obrutus
resist, bar the way
obsisto,obsistere, obstiti, obstitus
block up
obstruo,obstruere, obstruxi, obstructus
attack, rush to meet
occurro,occurrere, occurri, occursus, +dat
offend, strike against
offendo,offendere, offendi, offensus
lay open, expose
patefacio,patefacere, patefeci, patefactus
be open
patesco,patescere, patui
pendo,pendere, pependi, pensus
carry out, accomplish
perago,peragere, peregi, peractus
run across
percurro,percurrere, percucurri
flee for refuge, desert
perfugio,perfugere, perfugi
pour over, wet, spread
perfundo,perfundere, perfusi, perfusus
go on, proceed
pergo,pergere, perrexi, perrectus
examine, observe, look closely at
perspicio,perspicere, perspexi, perspectus
to become very frightened
pertimesco,pertimescere, pertimui
paint, depict
pingo,pingere, pinxi, pictus
strike, beat the breast, mourn
plango,plangere, planxi, planctus
plaudo,plaudere, plausi, plausus
hurt, punish
it rains
pluit,pluere, pluvit
stretch out
porrigo,porrigere, porrexi, porrectus
excel, surpass, precede
praecedo,praecedere, praecessi, praecessus
gird, surround
praecingo,praecingere, praecinxi, praecinctus
instruct, order, emancipate, seize beforehand
praecipio,praecipere, praecepi, praeceptus, +dat
praefigo,praefigere, praefixi, praefixus
praepono,praeponere, praeposui, praepositus
get hold of, grasp
pre[he]ndo,prendere, prendi, prensum
press, push, crush
premo,premere, pressi, pressus
procumbo,procumbere, procubui, procubitus
bring forth, disclose
promo,promere, prompsi, promptus
set forth, display, expose
propono,proponere, proposui, propositus
look forwards, look out for
prospicio,prospicere, prospexi, prospectus
rest, be quiet
quiesco,quiescere, quievi, quietus
go back, withdraw, retreat
recedo,recedere, recessi, recessus
review, recall to mind, revise
recognosco,recognoscere, recognovi, recognotus
redigo,redigere, redegi, redactus