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What is the diameter of the Sun (in km)?
1.4 million km
What is the temperature of Photosphere?
5,800 °K
What distance is the Sun from the Earth (in km)?
150 million km
What temperature of the Sun's Corona?
2 Million °K
What is the name of the sphere of colour, pink rim around Sun?
What emits X-rays and solar wind, contains high velocity solar particles?
What is the sphere of light called?
What are areas on the photosphere of the Sun that are cooler than the surrounding area and so appear darker called? (They correspond to localised magnetic fields.)
What is the lighter areas surrounding a sunspot (200°K cooler than photosphere) called?
What is the darker region of sunspot (2000°K cooler than photosphere) called?
What is 25 days at the Equator, 36 days at the Poles?
Rotation period
What age are the Sunspot (roughly)?
11 years
What is achieved by recording a group of the Sunspots, and time how long it takes for them to reach the same position?
The Sun's rotation
How is the Sun's energy generated?
Proton - proton chain.
By using scientific instruments on space probes and solar observatories.
How do Astronomers view the Sun at different wavelengths?
What is a steady stream of charged particles from the Corona called?
Solar Wind
What is the speed of Slow Solar Wind (in km/s)?
400 km/s
What is the speed of Fast Solar Wind (in km/s)?
850 km/s