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out of the question
impossible, not feasible
over and over (again)
repeatedly (also time after time, time and again)
to be about to do something
to be at the moment of doing something, to be ready
to brush up on something
to review something in order to refresh one's memory
to fall in love
to begin to love
to go out
to stop functioning; to stop burning; to leave home or work (also to step out)
to have to do with
to have some connection with or relationship to
to pay attention (to)
to look at and listen to someone while they are speaking, to concentrate
to take turns (doing something)
to alternate, to change people while doing something
to throw away
to discard, to dispose of (S)
to turn around
to move or face in the opposite direction (S); to completely change the condition of (S)
to wear out
to use something until it has no value or worth anymore, to make useless through wear (S)