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Expressing the Past 3 - Regular Verbs

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gewollt haben
wanted, to have wanted
gereist sein
travelled, to have travelled
gewohnt haben
lived, to have lived
gewartet haben
waited, to have waited
geliebt haben
loved, to have loved
geweint haben
cried, to have cried
gekauft haben
bought, to have bought
gedacht haben
thought, to have thought
gemacht haben
made, to have made, did, to have done
gehasst haben
hated, to have hated
gearbeitet haben
worked, to have worked
gezeigt haben
showed, to have showed
gelernt haben
learned, to have learned
geguckt haben
watched, to have watched
gefrühstückt haben
had breakfast, to have had breakfast
probiert haben
tried, to have tried
bestellt haben
ordered, to have ordered
studiert haben
studied, to have studied
besucht haben
visited, to have visited