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Haʻawina ʻElua: Basic Sentences

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He aha kēia?
What's this?
He pua kēnā.
That (near) is a flower.
He pua nani kēnā.
That (near) is a pretty flower.
He mau pua nani kēnā.
Those (near) are pretty flowers.
He moʻo kēlā?
Is that (distant) a gecko?
ʻAe, he moʻo nui kēlā.
Yes, that (distant) is a big gecko.
He wahine akamai ʻoe?
Are you an intelligent woman?
ʻAe, he wahine akamai loa au.
Yes, I'm a very intelligent woman.
E Kalae, he kāne kolohe ʻoe?
Kalae, are you a rascal guy?
ʻAʻole, he kanaka pono au.
No, I'm a righteous person.