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Haʻawina ʻEhā: Basic Sentences

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E Lei, e kiʻi aku ʻoe i ka iʻa!
Lei, get the fish!
E hāʻawi aku ʻoe i ka iʻa iā Nani!
Give the fish to Nani!
E hāʻawi i ka iʻa i ka pōpoki!
Give the fish to the cat!
E hā'awi mai i ka i'a ia'u!
Give the fish to me!
Eia ka iʻa.
Here's the fish.
E hele aku ʻoe i kou noho!
Go to your chair!
E noho iho ʻoe!
Sit down!
E kū aʻe ʻoe!
Stand up!
E hele mai ʻoe iaʻu!
Come to me!
E hele aku ʻoe i Waikīkī!
Go to Waikiki!