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das Angebot, -e
the offer, the tender, the bid
das Äquivalent, -e
the equivalent
das Arbeitsamt, -"er
the job centre
das Arbeitszimmer, -
the study (2)
das Argument, -e
the (reasoned) argument
das Armband, -"er
the bracelet
das Auge, -n
the eye
das Ausland
the foreign country (no plural)
das Auslandsamt, -"er
the foreign students office
das Auto, -s
the car (automobile)
das Autobahnkreuz, -e
the highway/ motorway intersection
das Baby, -s
the baby
das Baby-Öl
the baby oil
das Babysitten
the babysitting (no plural)
das Bad, -"er
the bath, the bathroom
das Badewetter
the swimming weather (no plural)
das Badezimmer, -
the bathroom
das Bargeld
the cash (no plural)
das Barometer, -
the barometer
das Bedienungsgeld, -er
the service charge
das Bein, -e
the leg
das Bonbon, -s
the (hard) candy
das Beispiel, -e
the example
das Benzin
the petrol (no plural)
das Besteck
the silverware, cutlery (no plural)