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das Eis
the ice, the ice cream (no plural)
das Eisen
the iron (metal) (no plural)
das Eishockey
the ice hockey (no plural)
das Element, -e
the element
der Pilz, -e
the mushroom
das Ende, -n
the end
English (language)
das Erdgeschoss, -e
the ground floor
das Ergebnis, -se
the result
das Essen, -
the meal, food
das Esszimmer, -
the dining room
das Etagenbett, -en
the bunk bed
das Etui, -s
the case (container)
das Exemplar, -e
the copy (of a book, etc.); the specimen
das Experiment, -e
the experiment
das Fach, -"er
the subject (of study)
das Fahrgeld, -er
the fare (transport)
das Fahrrad, -"er
the bicycle
das Fahrzeug, -e
the vehicle
der Familienbrunch, -es
the family brunch
das Farbfoto, -s
the colour photo
das Fax, -e
the fax
das Feinkostgeschäft, -e
the delicatessen
das Feld, -er
the field
das Fenster, -
the window