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middle-class, bourgeois
to represent, to act, to act like
under it
das Abendbrot, -e
the supper
das Aussehen, -
the appearance
das Bußgeld, -er
the fine
das Café, -s
the café
Germany (no plural)
das Ereignis, -se
the event, incident
das Futter, -
the animal feed
das Gefühl, -e
the feeling; the sensation
das Geheimnis, -se
the secret
das gekochte Ei
the boiled egg
das Hartz IV
the unemployment benefits (no plural)
within, inside
das Interesse, -n
the interest (e.g. to have an interest in smth)
das Internetcafé, -s
the internetcafé
das Käsebrötchen, -
the cheese roll
das Klopapier, -e
the toilet paper (slang)
das Kondom, -e
the condom
das Lächeln, -
the smile
das Lampenfieber, -
the stage fright
das Lebkuchenherz, -en
the gingerbread heart
das Leitungswasser, -
the tap water