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das Lexikon, die Lexika
the lexicon or dictionary
das Maß, -e
the measure
die Menschenrechte
the human rights (pl)
Low German (dialect of Northern Germany)
das Pfand, -e
the deposit, the security/collateral
das Popcorn
the popcorn (no plural)
das Publikum
the audience (no plural)
das Schimpfwort, -"er
the swear word, the profanity
das Spülmittel
the dishwashing liquid (no plural)
das Stockwerk, -e
the storey/floor (level of a building)
das Treppenhaus, -"er
the stairwell
das Trikot, -s
the jersey (clothing)
das Universum, die Universen
the universe
das Volk, -"er
the people, the nation, the rabble, the masses
das Weltall, -e
the cosmos
before that
den Müll rausbringen
to put out the rubbish
the (masculine)
der Akt, -e
1. the act (of an opera, etc.) 2. the nude (in art)
der Aktienmarkt, -"e
the stock market
die Bauchschmerzen
the stomachache (plural only)
der Begriff, -e
the concept, term, idea
der Bewohner, -
the inhabitant, the occupant, the resident
der Blödsinn
the nonsense (1) no pl.