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beside it (there)
das Amt, -"er
the office (usually govt.)
das Band, -"er
the ribbon, strap, tape, wavelength
das Bedürfnis, -se
the need, the necessity
das Bewusstsein
the consciousness (no plural)
das Bürgerliche Gesetzbuch, (BGB)
the [German] Civil Code book (no plural)
das Detail, -s
the detail
das Gehirn, -e
the brain
das Gut, -"er
the estate (with buildings), [goods, commodities (pl only)]
das Kilogramm, -
the kilogram
das Kriterium, die Kriterien
the criterion
das Lager, -
the warehouse, depot
das Leid
the sorrow, distress (no plural),
das Management, -s
the management
das Material, -ien
the material
das Merkmal, -e
the feature, the characteristic
das Niveau, -s
the level
das Objekt, -e
the object
das Opfer, -
the victim
das Phänomen, -e
the phenomenon
der Russe, -n, -n
the Russian (man)
die Russin, -nen
the Russian (woman)
das Schicksal, -e
the fate, destiny
das Team, -s
the team