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der Beweis, -e
the proof
der Bezug, -e
the reference (1); the pillowcase or duvet cover (2)
der Bürgermeister, -
the mayor
der Effekt, -e
the effect
der Faktor, -en, -en
the factor
der Forscher, -
the researcher
der Gegner, -
the enemy, the opponent
der Geist, -er
the ghost
der Gesellschafter, -
the business associate/partner
der Gewinn, -e
the gain, profits, return
der Handel
the trade, bargain, commerce, business (no plural)
der Hersteller, -
the manufacturer
der Hinweis, -e
the tip, hint, clue
die Filiale, -n
the branch (of a store or office)
at the time; each time
der Kandidat, -en, -en
the candidate
der Kauf, -"e
the purchase
der Konzern, -e
the concern
der Lauf, -"e
the course (as in a route)
alive, living, vivid
der Leser
the reader
der Magen, - "
the stomach (organ)
der Manager, -
the manager
der Mangel, -"
the lack, the defect, the flaw