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das Magazin, -e
the magazine
das Mal, -e
the time (occurrence)
das Märchen, -
the fairy tale
das Massenprodukt, -e
the mass-produced product
das Medikament, -e
the medication
das Meer, -e
the sea (2)
das Meerschweinchen, -
the guinea pig
das Mehl
the flour (no plural)
das Messer, -
the knife
das Metall, -e
the metal
das Mietshaus, -"er
the apartment building
das Mikroskop, -e
the microscope
stilles Mineralwasser, -"
natural/still mineral water (nt)
das Missverständnis, -se
the misunderstanding
das Mitbringsel, -
the small gift (for a host)
das Mitglied, -er
the member
das Mittagessen, -
the lunch, the noon meal
das Möbelstück, -e
the piece of furniture
das Modegeschäft, -e
the clothes shop
das Modell, -e
the model
das Mofa, -s
the moped
das Motiv, -e
the motif
das Motorboot, -e
the motorboat
das Motorrad, -"er
the motorcycle
das Mountainbike, -s
the mountain bike