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das Museum, die Museen
the museum
das Müsli
the muesli (no plural)
das Nachthemd, -en
the night-dress; night-shirt
das Namensschild, -er
the name plate
das Netz, -e
the net
das Neujahr, -e
the New Year
das Nichts
the nothingness; the void; the nonentity (no plural)
das Nomen, die Nomina
the noun (1)
das Notebook, -s
the notebook (computer) or laptop
das Notizbuch, -"er
the notebook (≠computer)
das Obst
the fruit (no plural)
das Ohr, -en
the ear
das Oktoberfest, -e
the Octoberfest
das Öl, -e
the oil
das Olivenöl, -e
the olive oil
das Silvester, -
the New Year's Eve
das Orchester, -
the orchestra
das Ornament, -e
the ornament
prominent (of a person or organisation)
das Outfit, -s
the outfit
das Paar, -e
the pair, the couple
das Paket, -e
the parcel / package (large)
das Papier, -e
the paper, the document
das Paradies, -e
the paradise
das Parfüm, -e
the perfume