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das Parkett
the parquet flooring (no plural): a type of cross-woodboard pattern
das Parkhaus, -"er
the multi-storey car park
das Parlament, -e
the parliament
das Pech, -e
the bad luck, pitch (coal tar residue)
das Personal
the staff, the personnel (no plural)
das Pferd, -e
the horse
das Pfingsten, -
the Pentecost / Whitsun
das Pflaster, -
the sticking plaster, band-aid
das Pflichtfach, -"er
the compulsory subject
das Pfund, -e
the pound (weight)
das Picknick, -s
the picnic
das Pipimädchen, -
the stupid little girl
das Plastik, -s
the plastic (2)
das Portemonnaie, -s
the wallet (3)
das Porträt, -s
the portrait
das Postamt, -"er
the post office
das Poster, -
the poster
das Präsens
the present tense (no plural)
das Präteritum
the simple past tense (no plural)
das Präzisionsinstrument, -e
the precision instrument
das Privathaus, -"er
the private home
das Problem, -e
the problem
das Produkt, -e
the product
das Projekt, -e
the project
das Prozent, -e
the percent