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das Rad, -"er
the wheel, the bike
das Radfahren
the cycling (no plural)
der Radiergummi, -s
the eraser/the rubber
das Radio, -s
the radio
das Rathaus, -"er
the city hall / town hall
das Rauchen
the smoking (no plural)
das Recht, -e
the right
das Referat, -e
the paper / report (eg school assignment),
das Reformhaus, -"er
the health food store
das Regal, -e
the shelf
das Regenwetter
the rainy weather (no plural)
das Reihenhaus, -"er
the terraced house
das Reisebüro, -s
the travel agency
das Reiseziel, -e
the destination
das Requiem, die Requien
the requiem
das Restaurant, -s
the restaurant (2)
das Rezept, -e
1. the recipe; 2. the prescription
das Rheintal
the Rhine valley (no plural)
das Risiko, die Risiken
the risk
das Rockfest, -e
the rock festival
das Rote Kreuz
the Red Cross (no plural)
das Rotkäppchen
the Little Red Riding Hood (no plural)
das Salz, -e
the salt
das Sauerkraut
the sauerkraut (no plural)
das Sauwetter, -
the rotten weather (2)