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das Schach
the chess (no plural)
das Schaf, -e
the sheep
das Schaubild, -er
the diagram, the graph
das Scheckheft, -e
the cheque book
das Schiff, -e
the ship
das Schild, -er
1. the shield. 2. the sign.
das Schlafzimmer, -
the bedroom
das Schlagzeug, -e
the percussion; drums
das Schloss, -"er
1. the lock;2. the castle
das Schnitzel, -
1. the escalope (pork or veal); 2. the shred
das Schuhgeschäft, -e
the shoe store
das Schulzeugnis, -se
the school report card
das Schwarzbrot, -e
the black bread (usually rye)
das schwarze Brett, -er
the bulletin board, the notice board
das Schwein, -e
the pig
das Schweizerdeutsch
the Swiss-German (no plural)
das Scrabble
the scrabble (no plural)
das Semester, -
the semester
das Seminar, -e
the seminar
das Seniorenheim, -e
the senior citizens' home
das Shampoo, -s
the shampoo
das Silber
the silver, (no plural)
das Skilaufen
skiing (as an activity) (no plural)
das Sofa, -s
the sofa
der Softdrink, -s
the soft drink