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das Sweatshirt, -s
the sweatshirt
das Symbol, -e
the symbol
das Synonym, -e
the synonym
das System, -e
the system
das Tablett, -s
the tray
das Tagebuch, -"er
the diary
das Tagesmenü, -s
the special of the day (restaurant)
das Tal, -"er
the valley
das Talent, -e
the talent
das Taschenbuch, -"er
the paperback
das Taschengeld, -er
the pocket money
das Taschenmesser, -
the pocket knife
das Taschentuch, -"er
the handkerchief
das Asyl, -e
the asylum
das Taxi, -s
the taxi
das Telefon, -e
the telephone
das Telefonbuch, -"er
the telephone directory
das Telefongespräch, -e
the telephone conversation
das Teleskop, -e
the telescope
das Tennis
the tennis (no plural)
das Theater, -
the theatre
das Theaterstück, -e
the theatrical play
das Thema, die Themen
the topic
Das Thermometer zeigt zehn Grad.
The thermometer reads ten degrees.
das Thermometer, -
the thermometer