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das Zentrum, die Zentren
the centre
das Ziel, -e
the goal (not sports)
das Zimmer, -
the room
das Zimmermädchen, -
the chambermaid / hotel maid
das Zwischenspiel, -e
the interlude
to take (time)
to cover sth; to lay (a table)
defective; out of order
your (inf.)
den Abwasch machen
to do the dishes
den Haushalt machen
to do household chores
den Kopf schütteln
to shake one's head
den Mund voll nehmen
to talk big
den Teufel an die Wand malen
to look on the gloomy side,to expect the worst
den Tisch decken
to set the table
Den Wievielten haben wir heute?
What's the date today?
denken, dachte, gedacht
to think
That's what you think.
because (coordinating conjunction)
der Abend, -e
the evening
der Abfall, -"e
the waste, the loss
der Abfalleimer, -
the (small) rubbish bin
der Abflug, -"e
the departure (airplane)
der Abgeordneter, -
the delegate, the representative (male)