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der Stift, -e
the writing utensil
der Stil, -e
the style
der Stock, -
the storey, the floor
der Stoff, -e
the material, substance, cloth, fabric
der Stoffbär, -en, -en
the stuffed toy bear
der Strafzettel, -
the traffic ticket
der Strand, -"e
the beach
der Streit, -e
the quarrel, argument
der Stress, -e
the stress
der Strom, -"e
the electricity current
der Strumpf, -"e
the stocking
der Student, -en, -en
the student (tertiary)
der Studentenausweis, -e
the student ID
der Studentenchor, -"e
the student choir
der Stuhl, -"e
the chair (no arms)
der Stundenplan, "e
the timetable, schedule
der Sturm, -"e
the storm
der Süden
the south (no plural)
der Südpol
the South Pole (no plural)
der Superlativ, -e
the superlative (ling.)
der Supermarkt, -"e
the supermarket
der Tabak
the tobacco (no plural)
der Tag, -e
the day
der Tagesjob, -s
the job for a day
der Tango, -s
the tango